ApoList – August 2017

Bcl-2 family and MOMP

Mitochondrial permeabilization engages NF-κB-dependent anti-tumour activity under caspase deficiency
Evangelos Giampazolias, Barbara Zunino, Sandeep Dhayade, Florian Bock, Catherine Cloix, Kai Cao, Alba Roca, Jonathan Lopez, Gabriel Ichim, Emma Proïcs, Camila Rubio-Patiño, Loic Fort, Nader Yatim, Emma Woodham, Susana Orozco, Lucia Taraborrelli, Nieves Peltzer, Daniele Lecis, Laura Machesky, Henning Walczak, Matthew L. Albert, Simon Milling, Andrew Oberst,
Jean-Ehrland Ricci, Kevin M. Ryan, Karen Blyth & Stephen W. G. Tait

Synergistic action of the MCL-1 inhibitor S63845 with current therapies in preclinical models of triple-negative and HER2-amplified breast cancer
Delphine Merino , James R. Whittle, François Vaillant, Antonin Serrano, Jia-Nan Gong, Goknur Giner, Ana Leticia Maragno, Maïa Chanrion, Emilie Schneider, Bhupinder Pal, Xiang Li, Grant Dewson, Julius Gräsel, Kevin Liu, Najoua Lalaoui, David Segal, Marco J. Herold, David C. S. Huang, Gordon K. Smyth, Olivier Geneste, Guillaume Lessene, Jane E. Visvader, Geoffrey J. Lindeman

Systems analysis of apoptotic priming in ovarian cancer identifies vulnerabilities and predictors of drug response
Ioannis K. Zervantonakis, Claudia Iavarone, Hsing-Yu Chen, Laura M. Selfors, Sangeetha Palakurthi, Joyce F. Liu, Ronny Drapkin, Ursula Matulonis, Joel D. Leverson, Deepak Sampath, Gordon B. Mills & Joan S. Brugge

Apoptotic resistance of human skin mast cells is mediated by Mcl-1
Tarek Hazzan, Jürgen Eberle, Margitta Worm & Magda Babina

Essential role for Bim in mediating the apoptotic and antitumor activities of immunotoxins
A Antignani, D Segal, N Simon, R J Kreitman, D Huang and D J FitzGerald

HSPB1 facilitates ERK-mediated phosphorylation and degradation of BIM to attenuate endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis
Donna Kennedy, Katarzyna Mnich, Deepu Oommen, Reka Chakravarthy, Leonardo Almeida-Souza, Michiel Krols, Svetlana Saveljeva, Karen Doyle, Sanjeev Gupta, Vincent Timmerman, Sophie Janssens, Adrienne M Gorman and Afshin Samali

The BH3-only proteins BIM and PUMA are not critical for the reticulocyte apoptosis caused by loss of the pro-survival protein BCL-XL
Alex RD Delbridge, Brandon J Aubrey, Craig Hyland, Jonathan P Bernardini, Ladina Di Rago, Jean-Marc Garnier, Guillaume Lessene, Andreas Strasser, Warren S Alexander and Stephanie Grabow

PUMA gene delivery to synoviocytes reduces inflammation and degeneration of arthritic joints
Saw-See Hong, Hubert Marotte, Guillaume Courbon, Gary S. Firestein, Pierre Boulanger & Pierre Miossec

Jiyuan Liu, Zhen Tian, Nan Zhou, Xueying Liu, Chenyi Liao, Beilei Lei, Jianing Li, Shengyong Zhang, and Hui Chen

The ovarian reserve is depleted during puberty in a hormonally driven process dependent on the pro-apoptotic protein BMF
Seng H Liew, Quynh-Nhu Nguyen, Andreas Strasser, Jock K Findlay and Karla J Hutt

Death receptors

JWA regulates TRAIL-induced apoptosis via MARCH8-mediated DR4 ubiquitination in cisplatin-resistant gastric cancer cells
Q Wang, Q Chen, L Zhu, M Chen, W Xu, S Panday, Z Wang, A Li, O D Røe, R Chen, S Wang, R Zhang and J Zhou

p75NTR antagonists attenuate photoreceptor cell loss in murine models of retinitis pigmentosa
María Platón-Corchado, Pablo F Barcelona, Sean Jmaeff, Miguel Marchena, Alberto M Hernández-Pinto, Catalina Hernández-Sánchez, H Uri Saragovi and Enrique J de la Rosa

Dual role of DR5 in death and survival signaling leads to TRAIL resistance in cancer cells
Yelyzaveta Shlyakhtina, Valeria Pavet and Hinrich Gronemeyer

Necroptosis / DAI

RIPK1-RIPK3-MLKL-dependent necrosis promotes the aging of mouse male reproductive system
Dianrong Li, Lingjun Meng, Tao Xu, Yaning Su, Xiao Liu, Zhiyuan Zhang and Xiaodong Wang

RIP3 attenuates the pancreatic damage induced by deletion of ATG7
Xiaodong Zhou, Li Xie, Leizhou Xia, Frank Bergmann, Markus W Büchler, Guido Kroemer, Thilo Hackert and Franco Fortunato

Regulation of RIPK1 activation by TAK1-mediated phosphorylation dictates apoptosis and necroptosis
Jiefei Geng, Yasushi Ito, Linyu Shi, Palak Amin, Jiachen Chu, Amanda Tomie Ouchida, Adnan Kasim Mookhtiar, Heng Zhao, Daichao Xu, Bing Shan, Ayaz Najafov, Guangping Gao, Shizuo Akira & Junying Yuan

ZBP1/DAI ubiquitination and sensing of influenza vRNPs activate programmed cell death
Sannula Kesavardhana, Teneema Kuriakose, Clifford S. Guy, Parimal Samir, R.K. Subbarao Malireddi, Ashutosh Mishra, and Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti

Sensing of viral and endogenous RNA by ZBP1/DAI induces necroptosis
Jonathan Maelfait, Layal Liverpool, Anne Bridgeman, Katherine B Ragan, Jason W Upton and Jan Rehwinkel

Caspases and IAPs

Essential roles of Caspase-3 in facilitating Myc-induced genetic instability and carcinogenesis
Ian M Cartwright, Xinjian Liu, Min Zhou, Fang Li and Chuan-Yuan Li

A mutation in keratin 18 that causes caspase-digestion resistance protects homozygous transgenic mice from hepatic apoptosis and injury
Han-Na Yoon, Sung-Yeon Yoon, Jin-Hyuck Hong, and Nam-On Ku

IAPs protect host target tissues from graft-versus-host disease in mice
Tomomi Toubai, Corinne Rossi, Katherine Oravecz-Wilson, Chen Liu, CynthiaZajac, Shin-Rong Julia Wu, Yaping Sun, Hideaki Fujiwara, Hiroya Tamaki, Daniel Peltier, Mary Riwes, Israel Henig, Stuart Brabbs, Colin S. Duckett, Shaomeng Wang, and Pavan Reddy

IHC-based subcellular quantification provides new insights into prognostic relevance of FLIP and procaspase-8 in non-small-cell lung cancer
Ryan A Hutchinson, Helen G Coleman, Kathy Gately, Vincent Young, Siobhan Nicholson et al.

Smac mimetics and oncolytic viruses synergize in driving anticancer T-cell responses through complementary mechanisms
Dae-Sun Kim, Himika Dastidar, Chunfen Zhang, Franz J. Zemp, Keith Lau, Matthias Ernst, Andrea Rakic, Saif Sikdar, Jahanara Rajwani, Victor Naumenko, Dale R. Balce, Ben W. Ewanchuk, Pankaj Taylor, Robin M. Yates, Craig Jenne, Chris Gafuik & Douglas J. Mahoney

Efferocytosis and corpse degradation

Mouse macrophages show different requirements for phosphatidylserine receptor Tim4 in efferocytosis
Yuichi Yanagihashi, Katsumori Segawa, Ryota Maeda, Yo-ichi Nabeshima, and Shigekazu Nagata

Presumptive TRP channel CED-11 promotes cell volume decrease and facilitates degradation of apoptotic cells in Caenorhabditis elegans
Kaitlin Driscoll, Gillian M. Stanfield, Rita Droste, and H. Robert Horvitz

T Cell Zone Resident Macrophages Silently Dispose of Apoptotic Cells in the Lymph Node
Myriam Baratin, Léa Simon, Audrey Jorquera, Clément Ghigo, Doulaye Dembele, Jonathan Nowak, Rebecca Gentek, Stephan Wienert, Frederick Klauschen, Bernard Malissen, Marc Dalod, Marc Bajénoff


Nrf2-Keap1 pathway promotes cell proliferation and diminishes ferroptosis
Z Fan, A-K Wirth, D Chen, C J Wruck, M Rauh, M Buchfelder and N Savaskan

The Tumor Suppressor p53 Limits Ferroptosis by Blocking DPP4 Activity
Yangchun Xie, Shan Zhu, Xinxin Song, Xiaofang Sun, Yong Fan, Jinbao Liu, Meizuo Zhong, Hua Yuan, Lin Zhang, Timothy R. Billiar, Michael T. Lotze, Herbert J. Zeh III, Rui Kang, Guido Kroemer, Daolin Tang


Cancer-associated fibroblasts induce cancer cell apoptosis that regulates invasion mode of tumours
G Itoh, S Chida, K Yanagihara, M Yashiro, N Aiba and M Tanaka

Aberrant localization of apoptosis protease activating factor-1 in lipid raft sub-domains of diffuse large B cell lymphomas
Jayshree L. Hirpara, Thomas Loh3, Siok Bian Ng4, Wee Joo Chng5 and Shazib Pervaiz

Permeability transition in human mitochondria persists in the absence of peripheral stalk subunits of ATP synthase
Jiuya He, Joe Carroll, Shujing Ding, Ian M. Fearnley, and John E. Walker

p21 maintains senescent cell viability under persistent DNA damage response by restraining JNK and caspase signaling
Reut Yosef, Noam Pilpel, Nurit Papismadov, Hilah Gal, Yossi Ovadya, Ezra Vadai, Stav Miller, Ziv Porat, Shifra Ben‐Dor, and Valery Krizhanovsky

Amyloid single-cell cytotoxicity assays by nanomotion detection
Francesco S Ruggeri, Anne-Laure Mahul-Mellier, Sandor Kasas, Hilal A Lashuel, Giovanni Longo et al.


Gasdermins: Effectors of Pyroptosis
Stephen B. Kovacs, Edward A. Miao

BCL2: A promising cancer therapeutic target
Gudapureddy Radha, Sathees C. Raghavan

Targeting BCL-2 in B-cell lymphomas
Matthew S. Davids

The Unfolded Protein Response in Immunogenic Cell Death and Cancer Immunotherapy
Nicole Rufo, Abhishek D. Garg, Patrizia Agostinis

Comments / other

In the Hunger Games, the Winner Takes Everything
Franziska Püschel, Cristina Muñoz-Pinedo

Jens C. Hamann, and Michael Overholtzer

A caspase-independent way to kill cancer cells
Brent E. Fitzwalter and Andrew Thorburn

Gut check: dead cell samples leads to tolerant examples
Thomas H Oguin, III and Jennifer Martinez

Mitochondrial permeability transition, F1FO‐ATPase and calcium: an enigmatic triangle
Salvatore Nesci

BAX Can Be Allosterically Sensitized to Promote Apoptosis

Cell scientist to watch – Ana Garcia-Saez



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