ApoList – March 2017

RIP kinases / necroptosis

RIPK3 Restricts Viral Pathogenesis via Cell Death-Independent Neuroinflammation
Brian P. Daniels, Annelise G. Snyder, Tayla M. Olsen, Susana Orozco, Thomas H. Oguin III, Stephen W.G. Tait, Jennifer Martinez, Michael Gale Jr., Yueh-Ming Loo, Andrew Oberst

Distinct Kinase-Independent Role of RIPK3 in CD11c+ Mononuclear Phagocytes in Cytokine-Induced Tissue Repair
Kenta Moriwaki, Sakthi Balaji, John Bertin, Peter J. Gough, Francis Ka-Ming Chan

DAI Senses Influenza A Virus Genomic RNA and Activates RIPK3-Dependent Cell Death
Roshan J. Thapa, Justin P. Ingram, Katherine B. Ragan, Shoko Nogusa, David F. Boyd, Asiel A. Benitez, Haripriya Sridharan, Rachelle Kosoff, Maria Shubina, Vanessa J. Landsteiner, Mark Andrake, Peter Vogel, Luis J. Sigal,Benjamin R. tenOever, Paul G. Thomas, Jason W. Upton, Siddharth Balachandran

Induction of necroptotic cell death by viral activation of the RIG-I or STING pathway
Suruchi N Schock, Neha V Chandra, Yuefang Sun, Takashi Irie, Yoshinori Kitagawa, Bin Gotoh, Laurent Coscoy and Astar Winoto

Therapeutic targeting of necroptosis by Smac mimetic bypasses apoptosis resistance in acute myeloid leukemia cells
C Safferthal, K Rohde and S Fulda

Other forms of necrosis

Oncogene-Selective Sensitivity to Synchronous Cell Death following Modulation of the Amino Acid Nutrient Cystine
Ioannis Poursaitidis, Xiaomeng Wang, Thomas Crighton, Christiaan Labuschagne, David Mason, Shira L. Cramer, Kendra Triplett, Rajat Roy, Olivier E. Pardo, Michael J. Seckl, Scott W. Rowlinson, Everett Stone, Richard F. Lamb

Persistence of the mitochondrial permeability transition in the absence of subunit c of human ATP synthase
Jiuya He, Holly C. Ford, Joe Carroll, Shujing Ding, Ian M. Fearnley, and John E. Walker

Death receptors

CD95/Fas Increases Stemness in Cancer Cells by Inducing a STAT1-Dependent Type I Interferon Response
Abdul S. Qadir, Paolo Ceppi, Sonia Brockway, Calvin Law, Liang Mu, Nikolai N. Khodarev, Jung Kim, Jonathan C. Zhao, William Putzbach, Andrea E. Murmann, Zhuo Chen, Wenjing Chen, Xia Liu, Arthur R. Salomon, Huiping Liu ,Ralph R. Weichselbaum, Jindan Yu, Marcus E. Peter

STAT1 mediates transmembrane TNF-alpha-induced formation of death-inducing signaling complex and apoptotic signaling via TNFR1
Yaping Jiang, Min Yu, Xuena Hu, Lu Han, Kun Yang, Hongping Ba, Zunyue Zhang, Bingjiao Yin, Xiang-Ping Yang, Zhuoya Li and Jing Wang

Death Receptor 6 Promotes Wallerian Degeneration in Peripheral Axons
Kanchana K. Gamage, Irene Cheng, Rachel E. Park, Mardeen S. Karim, Kazusa Edamura, Christopher Hughes, Anthony J. Spano, Alev Erisir, Christopher D. Deppmann

Osteogenesis Is Improved by Low Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Concentration through the Modulation of Gs-Coupled Receptor Signals
Simona Daniele, Letizia Natali, Chiara Giacomelli, Pietro Campiglia, Ettore Novellino, Claudia Martini, and Maria Letizia Trincavelli

Caspases and IAPs

An inhibitory mono-ubiquitylation of the Drosophila initiator caspase Dronc functions in both apoptotic and non-apoptotic pathways
Hatem Elif Kamber Kaya, Mark Ditzel, Pascal Meier, Andreas Bergmann

Inflammasome Activation Triggers Caspase-1-Mediated Cleavage of cGAS to Regulate Responses to DNA Virus Infection
Yutao Wang, Xiaohan Ning, Pengfei Gao, Shuxian Wu, Mengyin Sha, Mengze Lv, Xiang Zhou, Juyi Gao, Run Fang, Guangxun Meng, Xiaodong Su, Zhengfan Jiang

PARL mediates Smac proteolytic maturation in mitochondria to promote apoptosis
Shotaro Saita, Hendrik Nolte, Kai Uwe Fiedler, Hamid Kashkar, A. Saskia Venne, René P. Zahedi,Marcus Krüger & Thomas Langer

Bcl-2 family proteins

Phase I First-in-Human Study of Venetoclax in Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Matthew S. Davids, Andrew W. Roberts, John F. Seymour, John M. Pagel, Brad S. Kahl, William G. Wierda, Soham Puvvada, Thomas J. Kipps, Mary Ann Anderson,Ahmed Hamed Salem, Martin Dunbar, Ming Zhu, Franklin Peale, Jeremy A. Ross,Lori Gressick, Monali Desai, Su Young Kim, Maria Verdugo, Rod A. Humerickhouse, Gary B. Gordon, and John F. Gerecitano

The membrane activity of BOK involves formation of large, stable toroidal pores and is promoted by cBID
Yuniel Fernández-Marrero, Stephanie Bleicken, Kushal Kumar Das, Daniel Bachmann, Thomas Kaufmann, Ana J. Garcia-Saez

Adipocyte microenvironment promotes Bclxl expression and confers chemoresistance in ovarian cancer cells
Carlos Cardenas, Michele K. Montagna, Mary Pitruzzello, Eydis Lima, Gil Mor & Ayesha B. Alvero

Dual targeting of MCL1 and NOXA as effective strategy for treatment of mantle cell lymphoma
Höring E, Montraveta A, Heine S, Kleih M, Schaaf L, Vöhringer MC, Esteve-Arenys A, Roué G, Colomer D, Campo E, Ott G, Aulitzky WE, van der Kuip H.

Complementary dynamic BH3 profiles predict co-operativity between the multi-kinase inhibitor TG02 and the BH3 mimetic ABT-199 in acute myeloid leukaemia cells
Monica Pallis, Francis Burrows, Jeremy Ryan, Martin Grundy, Claire Seedhouse, Amina Abdul-Aziz, Joan Montero, Anthony Letai, and Nigel Russell

Chlamydia trachomatis-containing vacuole serves as deubiquitination platform to stabilize Mcl-1 and to interfere with host defense
Annette Fischer, Kelly S Harrison, Yesid Ramirez, Daniela Auer, Suvagata Roy Chowdhury, Bhupesh K Prusty, Florian Sauer, Zoe Dimond, Caroline Kisker, P Scott Hefty and Thomas Rudel

Downregulation of the proapoptotic protein MOAP-1 by the UBR5 ubiquitin ligase and its role in ovarian cancer resistance to cisplatin OPEN
K Matsuura, N-J Huang, K Cocce, L Zhang and S Kornbluth


Time-lapse imaging of p65 and IκBα translocation kinetics following Ca2 +-induced neuronal injury reveals biphasic translocation kinetics in surviving neurons
Robert Schwamborn, Heiko Düssmann, Hans-Georg König, & Jochen H.M. Prehn

Targeted Apoptosis of Senescent Cells Restores Tissue Homeostasis in Response to Chemotoxicity and Aging
Marjolein P. Baar, Renata M.C. Brandt, Diana A. Putavet, Julian D.D. Klein, Kasper W.J. Derks, Benjamin R.M. Bourgeois, Sarah Stryeck, Yvonne Rijksen, Hester van Willigenburg, Danny A. Feijtel, Ingrid van der Pluijm, Jeroen Essers, Wiggert A. van Cappellen, Wilfred F. van IJcken, Adriaan B. Houtsmuller, Joris Pothof, Ron W.F. de Bruin, Tobias Madl, Jan H.J. Hoeijmakers, Judith Campisi, Peter L.J. de Keizer

Signaling Pathway for Phagocyte Priming upon Encounter with Apoptotic Cells
Saori Nonaka, Yuki Ando, Takuto Kanetani, Chiharu Hoshi, Yuji Nakai, Firzan Nainu, Kaz Nagaosa, Akiko Shiratsuchi, and Yoshinobu Nakanishi

Interactome disassembly during apoptosis occurs independent of caspase cleavage
Nichollas E Scott, Lindsay D Rogers, Anna Prudova, Nat F Brown, Nikolaus Fortelny, Christopher M Overall, Leonard J Foster

Granzyme B enters the mitochondria in a Sam50-, Tim22- and mtHsp70-dependent manner to induce apoptosis
Valentina Chiusolo, Guillaume Jacquemin, Esen Yonca Bassoy, Laurent Vinet, Lavinia Liguori, Michael Walch, Vera Kozjak-Pavlovic and Denis Martinvalet


Dying cells actively regulate adaptive immune responses
Nader Yatim, Sean Cullen & Matthew L. Albert

From basic apoptosis discoveries to advanced selective BCL-2 family inhibitors
Avi Ashkenazi, Wayne J. Fairbrother, Joel D. Leverson & Andrew J. Souers

Bax and Bak Pores: Are We Closing the Circle?
Katia Cosentino, Ana J. García-Sáez

Pyroptosis: Gasdermin-Mediated Programmed Necrotic Cell Death
Jianjin Shi, Wenqing Gao, Feng Shao

‘Hints’ in the killer protein gasdermin D: unveiling the secrets of gasdermins driving cell death
Shiqiao Qiu, Jing Liu and Feiyue Xing

Controlling caspase activity in life and death
Kristin White, Eli Arama, J. Marie Hardwick

Programmed cell clearance: From nematodes to humans
Katharina Klöditza, Yu-Zen Chenb, Ding Xueb, Bengt Fadeel

Control of mitochondrial physiology and cell death by the Bcl-2 family proteins Bax and Bok.
D’Orsi B, Mateyka J, Prehn JH.


An Inflammatory Perspective on Necroptosis
Conor J. Kearney, Seamus J. Martin

There is something about BOK we just don’t get yet
Manuel D. Haschka and Andreas Villunger

Cutting Edge in IFN Regulation: Inflammatory Caspases Cleave cGAS
Simon Heidegger, Tobias Haas, Hendrik Poeck

Cancer therapy-induced PAFR ligand expression: any role for caspase activity?
Gabriel Ichim& Stephen W. G. Tait

Centrosomes: PARL paves the way to apoptosis
Naotada Ishihara and Katsuyoshi Mihara

The Bcl2a1 gene cluster finally knocked out: first clues to understanding the enigmatic role of the Bcl-2 protein A1
Ingolf Berberich and David A Hildeman

Caspase-9 swings both ways in the apoptosome
Chu-Chiao Wu & Shawn B. Bratton

PIDDosome Joins the Counting Game
Susana Godinho

The BCL2 Inhibitor Venetoclax Is Active in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

BCL-W Promotes B-cell Survival and Contributes to B-cell Lymphoma