ApoList – October 2016

Bcl-2 family proteins

The MCL1 inhibitor S63845 is tolerable and effective in diverse cancer models
András Kotschy, Zoltán Szlavik, James Murray, James Davidson, Ana Leticia Maragno, Gaëtane Le Toumelin-Braizat, Maïa Chanrion, Gemma L. Kelly,Jia-Nan Gong , Donia M. Moujalled, Alain Bruno, Márton Csekei, Attila Paczal, Zoltán B. Szabo, Szabolcs Sipos, Gábor Radics, Agnes Proszenyak, Balázs Balint, Levente Ondi, Gábor Blasko, Alan Robertson, Allan Surgenor, Pawel Dokurno, Ijen Chen, Natalia Matassova, Julia Smith, Christopher Pedder, Christopher Graham, Aurélie Studeny, Gaëlle Lysiak-Auvity, Anne-Marie Girard, Fabienne Gravé, David Segal, Chris D. Riffkin, Giovanna Pomilio, Laura C. A. Galbraith, Brandon J. Aubrey, Margs S. Brennan, Marco J. Herold, Catherine Chang, Ghislaine Guasconi, Nicolas Cauquil, Fabien Melchiore, Nolwen Guigal-Stephan, Brian Lockhart, Frédéric Colland, John A. Hickman, Andrew W. Roberts , David C. S. Huang, Andrew H. Wei, Andreas Strasser, Guillaume Lessene & Olivier Geneste

Efficacy and Biological Correlates of Response in a Phase II Study of Venetoclax Monotherapy in Patients with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
Marina Konopleva, Daniel A. Pollyea, Jalaja Potluri, Brenda Chyla, Leah Hogdal, Todd Busman, Evelyn McKeegan, Ahmed Hamed Salem, Ming Zhu, Justin L. Ricker, William Blum, Courtney D. DiNardo, Tapan Kadia, Martin Dunbar, Rachel Kirby, Nancy Falotico, Joel Leverson, Rod Humerickhouse, Mack Mabry, Richard Stone, Hagop Kantarjian, and Anthony Letai

Hierarchy for targeting prosurvival BCL2 family proteins in multiple myeloma: pivotal role of MCL1
Jia-Nan Gong, Tiffany Khong, David Segal, Yuan Yao, Chris D. Riffkin, Jean-Marc Garnier, Seong Lin Khaw, Guillaume Lessene, Andrew Spencer,Marco J. Herold, Andrew W. Roberts, and David C. S.  Huang

The C-terminal domains of apoptotic BH3-only proteins mediate their insertion into distinct biological membranes
Vicente Andreu-Fernandez, Maria J. García-Murria, Manuel Bañó-Polo, Juliette Martin, Luca Monticelli, Mar Orzáez, and Ismael Mingarro

Alpha 5/6 helix domains together with N-terminus determine the apoptotic potency of the Bcl-2 family proteins
Kang Xiao, Wenrui Zhao, Liying Zhou & Donald Choy Chang

Bcl-2 proteins bid and bax form a network to permeabilize the mitochondria at the onset of apoptosis
Robert F Gahl, Pallavi Dwivedi and Nico Tjandra


Cryo-EM Structure of Caspase-8 Tandem DED Filament Reveals Assembly and Regulation Mechanisms of the Death-Inducing Signaling Complex
Tian-Min Fu, Yang Li, Alvin Lu, Zongli Li, Parimala R. Vajjhala, Anthony C. Cruz, Devendra B. Srivastava, Frank DiMaio, Pawel A. Penczek, Richard M. Siegel, Katryn J. Stacey, Edward H. Egelman, Hao Wu

Caspase-8 tyrosine-380 phosphorylation inhibits CD95 DISC function by preventing procaspase-8 maturation and cycling within the complex
I R Powley, M A Hughes, K Cain and M MacFarlane

A near atomic structure of the active human apoptosome
Tat Cheung Cheng, Chuan Hong, Ildikó V Akey, Shujun Yuan and Christopher W Akey

Glioma-induced inhibition of caspase-3 in microglia promotes a tumor-supportive phenotype
Xianli Shen, Miguel A Burguillos, Ahmed M Osman,J eroen Frijhoff, Alejandro Carrillo-Jiménez,Sachie Kanatani, Martin Augsten, Dalel Saidi, Johanna Rodhe, Edel Kavanagh, Anthony Rongvaux, Vilma Rraklli, Ulrika Nyman,Johan Holmberg, Arne Östman, Richard A Flavell, Antonio Barragan, Jose Luis Venero, Klas Blomgren & Bertrand Joseph

Tunable allosteric library of caspase-3 identifies coupling between conserved water molecules and conformational selection
Joseph J. Maciag, Sarah H. Mackenzie, Matthew B. Tucker, Joshua L. Schipper, Paul Swartz, and A. Clay Clark

DNA-PK activity is associated with caspase-dependent myogenic differentiation
Patrick F. Connolly and Howard O. Fearnhead

E1A enhances cellular sensitivity to DNA-damage-induced apoptosis through PIDD-dependent caspase-2 activation
Jay R Radke, Zeba K Siddiqui, Iris Figueroa & James L Cook

Post-transcriptional control of executioner caspases by RNA-binding proteins
Deni Subasic, Thomas Stoeger, Seline Eisenring, Ana M. Matia-González, Jochen Imig, Xue Zheng, Lei Xiong, Pascal Gisler, Ralf Eberhard, René Holtackers, André P. Gerber, Lucas Pelkmans, and Michael O. Hengartner

Death receptors and ligands

Endothelial cell-derived CD95 ligand serves as a chemokine in induction of neutrophil slow rolling and adhesion
Liang Gao, Gülce Sila Gülcüler, Lieke Golbach, Helena Block, Alexander Zarbock and Ana Martin-Villalba

Mouse genetic background contributes to hepatocyte susceptibility to Fas-mediated apoptosis
Sujith V. W. Weerasinghe, Min-Jung Park, Daniel A. Portney, and M. Bishr Omary

TRAIL (TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand) inhibits human adipocyte differentiation via caspase-mediated downregulation of adipogenic transcription factors
Verena Zoller, Jan-Bernd Funcke, Michaela Keuper, Muad Abd El Hay, Klaus-Michael Debatin, Martin Wabitsch and Pamela Fischer-Posovszky


Loss of XIAP facilitates switch to TNFα-induced necroptosis in mouse neutrophils
Simone Wicki, Ursina Gurzeler, W Wei-Lynn Wong, Philipp J Jost, Daniel Bachmann and Thomas Kaufmann

Discovery of Dual Inhibitors of MDM2 and XIAP for Cancer Treatment
Lubing Gu, Hailong Zhang, Tao Liu, Sheng Zhou, Yuhong Du, Jing Xiong, Sha Yi, Cheng-Kui Qu, Haian Fu, Muxiang Zhou


A nuclease that mediates cell death induced by DNA damage and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1
Yingfei Wang , Ran An, George K. Umanah, Hyejin Park, Kalyani Nambiar, Stephen M. Eacker, BongWoo Kim, Lei Bao, Maged M. Harraz, Calvin Chang, Rong Chen, Jennifer E. Wang, Tae-In Kam, Jun Seop Jeong, Zhi Xie, Stewart Neifert, Jiang Qian, Shaida A. Andrabi, Seth Blackshaw, Heng Zhu, Hongjun Song, Guo-li Ming, Valina L. Dawson, Ted M. Dawson

Acetylation Is Crucial for p53-Mediated Ferroptosis and Tumor Suppression
Shang-Jui Wang, Dawei Li, Yang Ou, Le Jiang, Yue Chen, Yingming Zhao, Wei Gu


Dihydroceramide accumulation mediates cytotoxic autophagy of cancer cells via autolysosome destabilization
Sonia Hernández-Tiedra, Gemma Fabriàs, David Dávila, Íñigo J. Salanueva, Josefina Casas, L. Ruth Montes, Zuriñe Antón, Elena García-Taboada, María Salazar-Roa, Mar Lorente, Jesper Nylandsted, Jane Armstrong, Israel López-Valero, Christopher S. McKee, Ana Serrano-Puebla, Roberto García-López, José González-Martínez, José L. Abad, Kentaro Hanada, Patricia Boya, Félix Goñi, Manuel Guzmán, Penny Lovat, Marja Jäättelä, Alicia Alonso & Guillermo Velasco

Cell death is not essential for caspase-1-mediated interleukin-1β activation and secretion
S A Conos, K E Lawlor, D L Vaux, J E Vince and L M Lindqvist

Novel Compounds Targeting the Mitochondrial Protein VDAC1 Inhibit Apoptosis and Protect Against Mitochondria Dysfunction
Danya Ben-Hail, Racheli Begas-Shvartz, Moran Shalev, Anna Shteinfer-Kuzmine, Arie Gruzman, Simona Reina, Vito De Pinto, and Varda Shoshan-Barmatz


Interrogating the relevance of mitochondrial apoptosis for vertebrate development and postnatal tissue homeostasis
Selma Tuzlak, Thomas Kaufmann, and Andreas Villunger

Finally, An Apoptosis-Targeting Therapeutic for Cancer
[ venetoclax (ABT-199/GDC-0199) ]
Carlo M. Croce and John C. Reed

Activation of apoptosis signalling pathways by reactive oxygen species
Maureen Redza-Dutordoir, Diana A. Averill-Bates

The integrated stress response
Karolina Pakos‐Zebrucka, Izabela Koryga, Katarzyna Mnich, Mila Ljujic, Afshin Samali, and Adrienne M Gorman


In the Middle of a Chain Interaction
Sinéad Kinsella, Jochen H.M. Prehn

Pore formation by GSDMD is the effector mechanism of pyroptosis
Moritz M Gaidt and Veit Hornung

Self-regulation of BAX-induced cell death
Denis E. Reyna,  and  Evripidis Gavathiotis

Axonal Degeneration: RIPK1 Multitasking in ALS
Kristin Politi, Serge Przedborski