ApoList – March 2016

Bcl-2 family proteins

BOK Is a Non-canonical BCL-2 Family Effector of Apoptosis Regulated by ER-Associated Degradation
Fabien Llambi, Yue-Ming Wang, Bernadette Victor, Mao Yang, Desiree M. Schneider, Sebastien Gingras, Melissa J. Parsons, Janet H. Zheng, Scott A. Brown, Stephane Pelletier, Tudor Moldoveanu, Taosheng Chen, and Douglas R. Green

Biphasic regulation of InsP3 receptor gating by dual Ca2+ release channel BH3-like domains mediates Bcl-xL control of cell viability
Jun Yang, Horia Vais, Wenen Gu, and J. Kevin Foskett

Conditional knockdown of BCL2A1 reveals rate-limiting roles in BCR-dependent B-cell survival
M Sochalska, E Ottina, S Tuzlak, S Herzog, M Herold and A Villunger

MCPIP1 Selectively Destabilizes Transcripts Associated with an Antiapoptotic Gene Expression Program in Breast Cancer Cells That Can Elicit Complete Tumor Regression
Wenbao Lu, Huan Ning, Ling Gu, Hui Peng, Qinghong Wang, Rong Hou, Mingui Fu, Daniel F. Hoft, and Jianguo Liu

BID Mediates Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation-Induced Neuronal Injury in Organotypic Hippocampal Slice Cultures and Modulates Tissue Inflammation in a Transient Focal Cerebral Ischemia Model without Changing Lesion Volume.
Martin NA, Bonner H, Elkjær ML, D’Orsi B, Chen G, König HG, Svensson M, Deierborg T, Pfeiffer S, Prehn JH, Lambertsen KL.

Therapeutic Response to Non-genotoxic Activation of p53 by Nutlin3a Is Driven by PUMA-Mediated Apoptosis in Lymphoma Cells
Liz J. Valente, Brandon J. Aubrey, Marco J. Herold, Gemma L. Kelly, Lina Happo, Clare L. Scott, Andrea Newbold, Ricky W. Johnstone, David C.S. Huang, Lyubomir T. Vassilev, Andreas Strasser

Loss of a Single Mcl-1 Allele Inhibits MYC-Driven Lymphomagenesis by Sensitizing Pro-B Cells to Apoptosis
Stephanie Grabow, Alex R.D. Delbridge, Brandon J. Aubrey, Cassandra J. Vandenberg, Andreas Strasser

Bcl-2 is a critical mediator of intestinal transformation
Maartje van der Heijden, Cheryl D. Zimberlin, Anna M. Nicholson, Selcuk Colak, Richard Kemp, Sybren L. Meijer, Jan Paul Medema, Florian R. Greten, Marnix Jansen, Douglas J. Winton and Louis Vermeulen

High-resolution structural characterization of Noxa, an intrinsically disordered protein, by microsecond molecular dynamics simulations.
Espinoza-Fonseca LM, Kelekar A.

Resistance to HSP90 inhibition involving loss of MCL1 addiction
S Busacca, E W P Law, I R Powley, D A Proia, M Sequeira, J Le Quesne, A Klabatsa, J M Edwards, K B Matchett, J L Luo, J H Pringle, M El-Tanani, M MacFarlane and D A Fennell

Death receptors

Co-operative and Hierarchical Binding of c-FLIP and Caspase-8: A Unified Model Defines How c-FLIP Isoforms Differentially Control Cell Fate
Michelle A. Hughes, Ian R. Powley, Rebekah Jukes-Jones, Sebastian Horn, Maria Feoktistova, Louise Fairall, John W.R. Schwabe, Martin Leverkus, Kelvin Cain, Marion MacFarlane

Molecular architecture of the DED chains at the DISC: regulation of procaspase-8 activation by short DED proteins c-FLIP and procaspase-8 prodomain
K Schleich, J H Buchbinder, S Pietkiewicz, T Kähne, U Warnken, S Öztürk, M Schnölzer, M Naumann, P H Krammer and I N Lavrik

An Evolution-Guided Analysis Reveals a Multi-Signaling Regulation of Fas by Tyrosine Phosphorylation and its Implication in Human Cancers
Krittalak Chakrabandhu, Sébastien Huault, Jérôme Durivault, Kévin Lang, Ly Ta Ngoc, Angelique Bole, Eszter Doma, Benoit Dérijard, Jean-Pierre Gérard, Michel Pierres, Anne-Odile Hueber

Decoy receptors block TRAIL sensitivity at a supracellular level: the role of stromal cells in controlling tumour TRAIL sensitivity
L O’Leary, A M van der Sloot, C R Reis, S Deegan, A E Ryan, S P S Dhami, L S Murillo, R H Cool, P Correa de Sampaio, K Thompson, G Murphy, W J Quax, L Serrano, A Samali and E Szegezdi


Caspase cleavages of the lymphocyte oriented kinase prevent ezrin, radixin, and moesin phosphorylation during apoptosis
Catherine Leroy, Natalya V. Belkina, Thavy Long, Emeric Deruy, Colette Dissous, Stephen Shaw, and David Tulasne

p75 neurotrophin receptor signaling activates sterol regulatory element-binding protein-2 in hepatocyte cells via p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase and caspase-3
Dan Duc Pham, Hai Thi Do, Céline Bruelle, Jyrki P. Kukkonen, Ove Eriksson, Isabel Mogollón, Laura T. Korhonen, Urmas Arumäe, and Dan Lindholm

Nuclear Condensation during Mouse Erythropoiesis Requires Caspase-3-Mediated Nuclear Opening
Baobing Zhao, Yang Mei, Matthew J. Schipma, Eric Wayne Roth, Reiner Bleher, Joshua Z. Rappoport, Amittha Wickrema, Jing Yang, Peng Ji

Genetic characterization of two gain-of-function alleles of the effector caspase DrICE in Drosophila
Y Wu, J L Lindblad, J Garnett, H E Kamber Kaya, D Xu, Y Zhao, E R Flores, J Hardy and A Bergmann

Caspase 6 has a protective role in SOD1G93A transgenic mice
Marion C. Hogg, Mollie R. Mitchem1, Hans-Georg König, Jochen H.M. Prehn

Beyond cell death

Extracellular Reactive Oxygen Species Drive Apoptosis-Induced Proliferation via Drosophila Macrophages
Caitlin E. Fogarty, Neha Diwanji, Jillian L. Lindblad, Meghana Tare, Alla Amcheslavsky, Kalpana Makhijani, Katja Brückner, Yun Fan, Andreas Bergmann

Deadly dowry: how engulfment pathways promote cell killing
E J Lambie and B Conradt

Necroptosis and RIPKs

NEMO Prevents RIP Kinase 1-Mediated Epithelial Cell Death and Chronic Intestinal Inflammation by NF-κB-Dependent and -Independent Functions
Katerina Vlantis, Andy Wullaert, Apostolos Polykratis, Vangelis Kondylis, Marius Dannappel, Robin Schwarzer, Patrick Welz, Teresa Corona, Henning Walczak, Falk Weih, Ulf Klein, Michelle Kelliher, Manolis Pasparakis

Identification of a novel cell death-inducing domain reveals that fungal amyloid-controlled programmed cell death is related to necroptosis
Asen Daskalov, Birgit Habenstein, Raimon Sabaté, Mélanie Berbon, Denis Martinez, Stéphane Chaignepain, Bénédicte Coulary-Salin, Kay Hofmann, Antoine Loquet, and Sven J. Saupe


Cytotoxic T Cells Use Mechanical Force to Potentiate Target Cell Killing
Roshni Basu, Benjamin M. Whitlock, Julien Husson, Audrey Le Floc’h, Weiyang Jin, Alon Oyler-Yaniv, Farokh Dotiwala, Gregory Giannone, Claire Hivroz, Nicolas Biais, Judy Lieberman, Lance C. Kam, Morgan Huse

Exosomal transfer of stroma-derived miR21 confers paclitaxel resistance in ovarian cancer cells through targeting APAF1
Chi Lam Au Yeung, Ngai-Na Co, Tetsushi Tsuruga, Tsz-Lun Yeung, Suet-Ying Kwan, Cecilia S. Leung, Yong Li, Edward S. Lu, Kenny Kwan, Kwong-Kwok Wong, Rosemarie Schmandt, Karen H. Lu and Samuel C. Mok

ApoCanD: Database of human apoptotic proteins in the context of cancer
Kumar, Rahul; Raghava, Gajendra P. S.


Mitochondria—Judges and Executioners of Cell Death Sentences
Patrick D. Bhola, Anthony Letai

Programmed necrosis in inflammation: Toward identification of the effector molecules
David Wallach, Tae-Bong Kang, Christopher P. Dillon, Douglas R. Green

Mitochondria and the hallmarks of cancer
Evangelos Giampazolias and Stephen W.G. Tait

TNF and ROS Crosstalk in Inflammation
Heiko Blaser, Catherine Dostert, Tak W. Mak, Dirk Brenner

Fight or flight: regulation of emergency hematopoiesis by pyroptosis and necroptosis
Croker, Ben A; Silke, John; Gerlic, Motti

Tissue Repair: How to Inflame Your Neighbours
Pascal Meier, Agnes Banreti

Embracing the Enemy: Cell-to-Cell Force Transmission Enhances Cytotoxicity
Nathan H. Roy, Janis K. Burkhardt

From zero to sixty: cell death signaling in the city that never sleeps
J D Gelles, R Elkholi, M N Serasinghe, M P A Luna-Vargas and J E Chipuk