ApoList – December 2015

Bcl-2 family proteins

The BH3-only protein BIM contributes to late-stage involution in the mouse mammary gland
F Schuler, F Baumgartner, V Klepsch, M Chamson, E Müller-Holzner, C J Watson, S Oh, L Hennighausen, P Tymoszuk, W Doppler and A Villunger

Mcl-1 involvement in mitochondrial dynamics is associated with apoptotic cell death
Giampaolo Morciano, Carlotta Giorgi, Dario Balestra, Saverio Marchi, Daniela Perrone, Mirko Pinotti, and Paolo Pinton

Overexpression of Bcl-2 induces STAT-3 activation via an increase in mitochondrial superoxide
Jia Kang, Stephen Jun Fei Chong, Vignette Zi Qi Ooi, Shireen Vali, Ansu Kumar, Shweta Kapoor, Taher Abbasi, Jayshree L. Hirpara, Thomas Loh, Boon Cher Goh and Shazib Pervaiz

Leishmania donovani exploits myeloid cell leukemia 1 (MCL-1) protein to prevent mitochondria dependent host cell apoptosis
Jayeeta Giri, Supriya Srivastav, Moumita Basu, Shreyasi Palit, Purnima Gupta, and Anindita Ukil

The ATM–BID pathway plays a critical role in the DNA damage response by regulating mitochondria metabolism
A Gross, Y Zaltsman and M Maryanovich

An Analysis of the truncated Bid- and ROS-dependent Spatial Propagation of Mitochondrial Permeabilization Waves during Apoptosis
Selma F. Jacob, Maximilian L. Würstle, M. Eugenia Delgado, and Markus Rehm

Death receptors

LUBAC-Recruited CYLD and A20 Regulate Gene Activation and Cell Death by Exerting Opposing Effects on Linear Ubiquitin in Signaling Complexes
Peter Draber, Sebastian Kupka, Matthias Reichert, Helena Draberova, Elodie Lafont, Diego de Miguel, Lisanne Spilgies, Silvia Surinova, Lucia Taraborrelli, Torsten Hartwig, Eva Rieser, Luigi Martino, Katrin Rittinger, Henning Walczak

Activation of surrogate death receptor signaling triggers peroxynitrite-dependent execution of cisplatin-resistant cancer cells
S Seah, I C C Low, J L Hirpara, K Sachaphibulkij, G Kroemer, C Brenner and S Pervaiz

Fas-Activated Mitochondrial Apoptosis Culls Stalled Embryonic Stem Cells to Promote Differentiation
Eric S. Wang, Nichole A. Reyes, Collin Melton, Noelle E. Huskey, Olga Momcilovic, Andrei Goga, Robert Blelloch, Scott A. Oakes

Network-level effects of kinase inhibitors modulate TNF-α–induced apoptosis in the intestinal epithelium
Jessica J. Gierut, Levi B. Wood, Ken S. Lau, Yi-Jang Lin, Casie Genetti, Ahmed A. Samatar, Douglas A. Lauffenburger, and Kevin M. Haigis

Comprehensive identification of genes driven by ERV9-LTRs reveals TNFRSF10B as a re-activatable mediator of testicular cancer cell death
U Beyer, S K Krönung, A Leha, L Walter and M Dobbelstein

Bortezomib Improves Adoptive T-cell Therapy by Sensitizing Cancer Cells to FasL Cytotoxicity
Anil Shanker, Samuel T. Pellom, Jr, Duafalia F. Dudimah, Menaka C. Thounaojam, Rachel L. de Kluyver, Alan D. Brooks, Hideo Yagita, Daniel W.McVicar, William J. Murphy, Dan L. Longo, and Thomas J. Sayers

The cellular apoptosis susceptibility protein (CAS) promotes TRAIL-induced apoptosis and cell proliferation
Prashant Monian and Xuejun Jiang


The Inflammasome Adaptor ASC Induces Procaspase-8 Death Effector Domain Filaments
Parimala R. Vajjhala, Alvin Lu, Darren L. Brown, Siew Wai Pang, Vitaliya Sagulenko, David P. Sester, Simon O. Cridland, Justine M. Hill, Kate Schroder, Jennifer L. Stow, Hao Wu, and Katryn J. Stacey

Evolutionary analyses of caspase-8 and its paralogs: Deep origins of the apoptotic signaling pathways
Kazuhiro Sakamaki1, Kenichiro Imai, Kentaro Tomii and David J. Miller

Non-apoptotic cell death

Characterization of RIPK3-mediated phosphorylation of the activation loop of MLKL during necroptosis
D A Rodriguez, R Weinlich, S Brown, C Guy, P Fitzgerald, C P Dillon, A Oberst, G Quarato, J Low, J G Cripps, T Chen and D R Green

Activated microglia cause reversible apoptosis of pheochromocytoma cells, inducing their cell death by phagocytosis.
Hornik TC, Vilalta A, Brown GC.

Intracellular nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide promotes TNF-induced necroptosis in a sirtuin-dependent manner
N Preyat, M Rossi, J Kers, L Chen, J Bertin, P J Gough, A Le Moine, A Rongvaux, F Van Gool and O Leo

Tousled-like kinase mediated a new type of cell death pathway in Drosophila
Y Zhang, R Cai, R Zhou, Y Li and L Liu


Engulfment pathways promote programmed cell death by enhancing the unequal segregation of apoptotic potential
Sayantan Chakraborty, Eric J. Lambie, Samik Bindu, Tamara Mikeladze-Dvali and Barbara Conradt

A Small Molecule that Induces Intrinsic Pathway Apoptosis with Unparalleled Speed
Rahul Palchaudhuri, Michael J. Lambrecht, Rachel C. Botham, Kathryn C. Partlow, Tjakko J. van Ham, Karson S. Putt, Laurie T. Nguyen, Seok-Ho Kim, Randall T. Peterson, Timothy M. Fan, Paul J. Hergenrother

Reviews / comments

Programmed cell death 50 (and beyond)
R A Lockshin

Ferroptosis: Death by Lipid Peroxidation
Wan Seok Yang, Brent R. Stockwell

p53: Protection against Tumor Growth beyond Effects on Cell Cycle and Apoptosis
Xuyi Wang, Evan R. Simpson, and Kristy A. Brown

Catch me if you can: targeting the mitochondrial permeability transition pore in myocardial infarction
A Linkermann, K Konstantinidis and R N Kitsis