ApoList – April 2015

Bcl-2 family

Dissociation of Bak α1 helix from the core and latch domains is required for apoptosis
Amber E. Alsop, Stephanie C. Fennell, Ray C. Bartolo, Iris K. L. Tan, Grant Dewson and Ruth M. Kluck

Extracellular Regulated Kinase Phosphorylates Mitofusin 1 to Control Mitochondrial Morphology and Apoptosis
Aswin Pyakurel, Claudia Savoia, Daniel Hess, Luca Scorrano

Distinct lipid effects on tBid and Bim activation of membrane permeabilization by pro-apoptotic Bax
Aisha Shamas Din, Scott Bindner, Xiaoke Chi, Brian Leber, David W. Andrews and Cécile Fradin

Bid chimeras indicate that most BH3-only proteins can directly activate Bak and Bax, and show no preference for Bak versus Bax
C Hockings, K Anwari, R L Ninnis, J Brouwer, M O’Hely, M Evangelista, M G Hinds, P E Czabotar, E F Lee, W D Fairlie, G Dewson and R M Kluck

BMX Negatively Regulates BAK Function, Thereby Increasing Apoptotic Resistance to Chemotherapeutic Drugs
Joanna L. Fox and Alan Storey

Bcl-2 stabilization by paxillin confers 5-fluorouracil resistance in colorectal cancer
D-W Wu, C-C Huang, S-W Chang, T-H Chen and H Lee

Transformer 2β and miR-204 regulate apoptosis through competitive binding to 3′ UTR of BCL2 mRNA
Y Kuwano, K Nishida, K Kajita, Y Satake, Y Akaike, K Fujita, S Kano, K Masuda and K Rokutan

BH3 Inhibitor Sensitivity and Bcl-2 Dependence in Primary Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells
Sarah E. Alford, Anisha Kothari, Floris C. Loeff, Joshua M. Eichhorn,  Nandini Sakurikar, Henriette M. Goselink, Robert L. Saylors, Inge Jedema, J.H. Frederik Falkenburg, and Timothy C. Chambers

BCL-2 is dispensable for thrombopoiesis and platelet survival
M A Debrincat, I Pleines, M Lebois, R M Lane, M L Holmes, J Corbin, C J Vandenberg, W S Alexander, A P Ng, A Strasser, P Bouillet, M Sola-Visner, B T Kile and E C Josefsson

High-resolution structural characterization of Noxa, an intrinsically disordered protein, by microsecond molecular dynamics simulations.
Espinoza-Fonseca LM, Kelekar A.

Heat Shock Inhibition of CDK5 Increases NOXA Levels through miR-23a Repression
Trevor M. Morey, Rabih Roufayel, Donald S. Johnston, Andrew S. Fletcher, and Dick D. Mosser

Functional antagonism between pro-apoptotic BIM and anti-apoptotic BCL-XL in MYC-induced lymphomagenesis
A R D Delbridge, S Grabow, P Bouillet, J M Adams and A Strasser

Death receptors

Cancer Cell-Autonomous TRAIL-R Signaling Promotes KRAS-Driven Cancer Progression, Invasion, and Metastasis
Silvia von Karstedt, Annalisa Conti, Max Nobis, Antonella Montinaro, Torsten Hartwig, Johannes Lemke, Karen Legler, Franka Annewanter, Andrew D. Campbell, Lucia Taraborrelli, Anne Grosse-Wilde, Johannes F. Coy, Mona A. El-Bahrawy, Frank Bergmann, Ronald Koschny, Jens Werner, Tom M. Ganten, Thomas Schweiger, Konrad Hoetzenecker, Istvan Kenessey, Balazs Hegedüs, Michael Bergmann, Charlotte Hauser, Jan-Hendrik Egberts, Thomas Becker, Christoph Röcken, Holger Kalthoff, Anna Trauzold, Kurt I. Anderson, Owen J. Sansom, Henning Walczak

Infiltration of circulating myeloid cells through CD95L contributes to neurodegeneration in mice
Liang Gao, David Brenner, Enric Llorens-Bobadilla, Gonzalo Saiz-Castro, Tobias Frank, Peter Wieghofer, Oliver Hill, Meinolf Thiemann, Saoussen Karray, Marco Prinz, Jochen H. Weishaupt, and Ana Martin-Villalba

Integrative analysis of kinase networks in TRAIL-induced apoptosis provides a source of potential targets for combination therapy
Jonathan So, Adrian Pasculescu, Anna Y. Dai, Kelly Williton, Andrew James, Vivian Nguyen, Pau Creixell, Erwin M. Schoof, John Sinclair, Miriam Barrios-Rodiles, Jun Gu, Aldis Krizus, Ryan Williams, Marina Olhovsky, James W. Dennis, Jeffrey L. Wrana, Rune Linding, Claus Jorgensen, Tony Pawson, and Karen Colwill

The crystal structure of DR6 in complex with the amyloid precursor protein provides insight into death receptor activation
Kai Xu, Olav Olsen, Dorothea Tzvetkova-Robev, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, and Dimitar B. Nikolov

The Drosophila TNF receptor Grindelwald couples loss of cell polarity and neoplastic growth
Ditte S. Andersen, Julien Colombani, Valentina Palmerini, Krittalak Chakrabandhu, Emilie Boone, Michael Röthlisberger, Janine Toggweiler, Konrad Basler, Marina Mapelli, Anne-Odile Hueber & Pierre Léopold

TRAIL-R2-specific antibodies and recombinant TRAIL can synergise to kill cancer cells
M H Tuthill, A Montinaro, J Zinngrebe, K Prieske, P Draber, S Prieske, T Newsom-Davis, S von Karstedt, J Graves and H Walczak

Poly-ADP-ribosylation of HMGB1 regulates TNFSF10/TRAIL resistance through autophagy
Minghua Yang, Liying Liu, Min Xie, Xiaofang Sun, Yan Yu, Rui Kang, Liangchun Yang, Shan Zhu, Lizhi Cao & Daolin Tang

Genetic and Pharmacological Screens Converge in Identifying FLIP, BCL2, and IAP Proteins as Key Regulators of Sensitivity to the TRAIL-Inducing Anticancer Agent ONC201/TIC10
Joshua E. Allen, Varun V. Prabhu, Mala Talekar, A. Pieter J. van den Heuvel, Bora Lim, David T. Dicker, Jennifer L. Fritz, Adam Beck, and Wafik S. El-Deiry

Non-apoptotic cell death

A cytosolic heat shock protein 90 and cochaperone CDC37 complex is required for RIP3 activation during necroptosis
Dianrong Li, Tao Xu, Yang Cao, Huayi Wang, Lin Li, She Chen, Xiaodong Wang, and Zhirong Shen

Apoptosis Signal-regulating Kinase 1 (ASK1)-p38 Pathway-dependent Cytoplasmic Translocation of the Orphan Nuclear Receptor NR4A2 Is Required for Oxidative Stress-induced Necrosis
Takeshi Watanabe, Shiori Sekine, Isao Naguro, Yusuke Sekine, and Hidenori Ichijo

Loss of Caspase-3 sensitizes colon cancer cells to genotoxic stress via RIP1-dependent necrosis
M F Brown, B J Leibowitz, D Chen, K He, F Zou, R W Sobol, D Beer-Stolz, L Zhang and J Yu

Caspases and IAPs

Caspase-3 Promotes Genetic Instability and Carcinogenesis
Xinjian Liu, Yujun He, Fang Li, Qian Huang, Takamitsu A. Kato, Russell P. Hall, Chuan-Yuan Li

Caspase-2 impacts lung tumorigenesis and chemotherapy response in vivo
M R Terry, R Arya, A Mukhopadhyay, K C Berrett, P M Clair, B Witt, M E Salama, A Bhutkar and T G Oliver

Acute organ failure following the loss of anti-apoptotic cellular FLICE-inhibitory protein involves activation of innate immune receptors
N Gehrke, D Garcia-Bardon, A Mann, A Schad, Y Alt, M A Wörns, M F Sprinzl, T Zimmermann, J Menke, A J Engstler, I Bergheim, Y-W He, P R Galle, M Schuchmann and J M Schattenberg

Caspase-1–mediated pathway promotes generation of thromboinflammatory microparticles
Andrea S. Rothmeier, Patrizia Marchese, Brian G. Petrich, Christian Furlan-Freguia, Mark H. Ginsberg, Zaverio M. Ruggeri, Wolfram Ruf

Caspase-Dependent Proteolysis of Human Ribonucleotide Reductase Small Subunits R2 and p53R2 During Apoptosis
Ali Tebbi, Olivier Guittet, Karine Tuphile, Aimeric Cabrié, and Michel Lepoivre

Identification of RIP1 as a critical mediator of Smac mimetic-mediated sensitization of glioblastoma cells for Drozitumab-induced apoptosis
S Cristofanon, B A Abhari, M Krueger, A Tchoghandjian, S Momma, C Calaminus, D Vucic, B J Pichler and S Fulda


Apoptotic-like Leishmania exploit the host´s autophagy machinery to reduce T-cell-mediated parasite elimination
Peter Crauwels, Rebecca Bohn, Meike Thomas, Stefan Gottwalt, Florian Jäckel, Susi Krämer, Elena Bank, Stefan Tenzer, Paul Walther, Max Bastian & Ger van Zandbergen

Sirtuin inhibition induces apoptosis-like changes in platelets and thrombocytopenia
Sharda Kumari, Susheel N. Chaurasia, Manasa Kumar Nayak, Ram L. Mallick, and Debabrata Dash

RIP1 Kinase Is an Oncogenic Driver in Melanoma
Xiao Ying Liu, Fritz Lai, Xu Guang Yan, Chen Chen Jiang, Su Tang Guo, Chun Yan Wang, Amanda Croft, Hsin-Yi Tseng, James S. Wilmott, Richard A. Scolyer, Lei Jin, and Xu Dong Zhang


Molecular crosstalk between apoptosis, necroptosis and survival signaling
Tom Vanden Berghe, William J Kaiser, Mathieu J M Bertrand & Peter Vandenabeele

Inhibition of Apoptosis and Efficacy of Pan Caspase Inhibitor, Q-VD-OPh, in Models of Human Disease
Chanel L.I. Keoni and Thomas L. Brown

Caspase-2: the reinvented enzyme
M Olsson, J Forsberg and B Zhivotovsky

The dual role of autophagy under hypoxia-involvement of interaction between autophagy and apoptosis
Mengmeng Li, Jin Tan, Yuyang Miao, Ping Lei & Qiang Zhang


Life after MOMP
Vivian Gama, Mohanish Deshmukh

BCL2L11/Bim as a dual-agent regulating autophagy and apoptosis in drug resistance
Yun Dai & Steven Grant

A novel autophagy-independent, oncosuppressive function of BECN1: Degradation of MCL1
Mohamed Elgendy & Saverio Minucci

USP11: A key regulator of cIAP2 stability and sensitivity to SMAC mimetics
Eun-Woo Lee & Jaewhan Song

Initiation of Death Signaling Predicts Cytotoxic Response to Therapy