ApoList – February 2015

Bcl-2 family proteins

Limited Mitochondrial Permeabilization Causes DNA Damage and Genomic Instability in the Absence of Cell Death
Gabriel Ichim, Jonathan Lopez, Shafiq U. Ahmed, Nathiya Muthalagu, Evangelos Giampazolias, M. Eugenia Delgado, Martina Haller, Joel S. Riley, Susan M. Mason, Dimitris Athineos, Melissa J. Parsons, Bert van de Kooij, Lisa Bouchier-Hayes, Anthony J. Chalmers, Rogier W. Rooswinkel, Andrew Oberst, Karen Blyth, Markus Rehm, Daniel J. Murphy, Stephen W.G. Tait

Drug-Induced Death Signaling Strategy Rapidly Predicts Cancer Response to Chemotherapy
Joan Montero, Kristopher A. Sarosiek, Joseph D. DeAngelo, Ophélia Maertens, Jeremy Ryan, Dalia Ercan, Huiying Piao, Neil S. Horowitz, Ross S. Berkowitz, Ursula Matulonis, Pasi A. Jänne, Philip C. Amrein, Karen Cichowski, Ronny Drapkin, Anthony Letai

Phospho-BAD BH3 Mimicry Protects β Cells and Restores Functional β Cell Mass in Diabetes
Sanda Ljubicic, Klaudia Polak, Accalia Fu, Jessica Wiwczar, Benjamin Szlyk, Yigang Chang, Juan C. Alvarez-Perez, Gregory H. Bird, Loren D. Walensky, Adolfo Garcia-Ocaña, Nika N. Danial

Anti-apoptotic BCL-2 proteins govern cellular outcome following B-RAFV600E inhibition and can be targeted to reduce resistance
M N Serasinghe, D J Missert, J J Asciolla, S Podgrabinska, S Y Wieder, S Izadmehr, G Belbin, M Skobe and J E Chipuk

The BH4 domain of anti-apoptotic Bcl-XL, but not that of the related Bcl-2, limits the voltage‐dependent anion channel 1 (VDAC1)-mediated transfer of pro-apoptotic Ca2+ signals to mitochondria
Giovanni Monaco, Elke Decrock, Nir Arbel, Alexander R. van Vliet, Rita La Rovere, Humbert De Smedt, Jan B. Parys, Patrizia Agostinis, Luc Leybaert, Varda Shoshan-Barmatz, and Geert Bultynck

Bax regulates neuronal Ca2+ homeostasis.
Beatrice D’Orsi, Seán M. Kilbride, Gang Chen, Sergio Perez Alvarez, Helena P. Bonner, Shona Pfeiffer, Nikolaus Plesnila, Tobias Engel, David C. Henshall, Heiko Düssmann, and Jochen H.M. Prehn

Deletion of AU-Rich Elements within the Bcl2 3′UTR Reduces Protein Expression and B Cell Survival In Vivo
Manuel D. Díaz-Muñoz, Sarah E. Bell, Martin Turner

Gain of Glucose-Independent Growth upon Metastasis of Breast Cancer Cells to the Brain
Jinyu Chen, Ho-Jeong Lee, Xuefeng Wu, Lei Huo, Sun-Jin Kim, Lei Xu, Yan Wang, Junqing He, Lakshmi R. Bollu, Guang Gao, Fei Su, James Briggs, Xiaojing Liu, Tamar Melman, John M. Asara, Isaiah J. Fidler, Lewis C. Cantley, Jason W. Locasale, and Zhang Weihua

Pro-apoptotic activities of PDI and PDIA3: a role of Bcl-2 protein Bak
Guoping Zhao, Huayi Lu, and Chi Li

Death receptors

Poly-ADP-ribosylation of HMGB1 regulates TNFSF10/TRAIL resistance through autophagy
Minghua Yang, Liying Liu, Min Xie, Xiaofang Sun, Yan Yu, Rui Kang, Liangchun Yang, Shan Zhu, Lizhi Cao & Daolin Tang

NF-κB Regulates Caspase-4 Expression and Sensitizes Neuroblastoma Cells to Fas-Induced Apoptosis
Hai-Jie Yang, Mian Wang, Lei Wang, Bin-Feng Cheng, Xiao-Yu Lin, Zhi-Wei Feng

Amyloid-β reduces the expression of neuronal FAIM-L, thereby shifting the inflammatory response mediated by TNFα from neuronal protection to death
P Carriba, S Jimenez, V Navarro, I Moreno-Gonzalez, B Barneda-Zahonero, R S Moubarak, J Lopez-Soriano, A Gutierrez, J Vitorica and J X Comella

Hyperthermia restores apoptosis induced by death receptors through aggregation-induced c-FLIP cytosolic depletion
A Morlé, C Garrido and O Micheau

Caspases and downstream

Oncogenic Properties of Apoptotic Tumor Cells in Aggressive B Cell Lymphoma
Catriona A. Ford, Sofia Petrova, John D. Pound, Jorine J.L.P. Voss, Lynsey Melville, Margaret Paterson, Sarah L. Farnworth, Awen M. Gallimore, Simone Cuff, Helen Wheadon, Edwina Dobbin, Carol Anne Ogden, Ingrid E. Dumitriu, Donald R. Dunbar, Paul G. Murray, Dominik Ruckerl, Judith E. Allen, David A. Hume, Nico van Rooijen, John R. Goodlad, Tom C. Freeman, Christopher D. Gregory

Structure of the apoptosome: mechanistic insights into activation of an  initiator caspase from Drosophila
Yuxuan Pang, Xiao-chen Bai, Chuangye Yan, Qi Hao, Zheqin Chen, Jia-Wei  Wang, Sjors H.W. Scheres, and Yigong Shi

Expression of executioner procaspases and their activation by a procaspase-activating compound in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells
Viralkumar Patel, Kumudha Balakrishnan, Michael J. Keating, William G. Wierda, and Varsha Gandhi

Non-apoptotic cell death

RIPK3 promotes cell death and NLRP3 inflammasome activation in the absence of MLKL
Kate E. Lawlor, Nufail Khan, Alison Mildenhall, Motti Gerlic, Ben A. Croker, Akshay A. D’Cruz, Cathrine Hall, Sukhdeep Kaur Spall, Holly Anderton, Seth L. Masters, Maryam Rashidi, Ian P. Wicks, Warren S. Alexander, Yasuhiro Mitsuuchi, Christopher A. Benetatos, Stephen M. Condon, W. Wei-Lynn Wong, John Silke, David L. Vaux and James E. Vince

Lysosomal membrane permeabilization and autophagy blockade contribute to photoreceptor cell death in a mouse model of retinitis pigmentosa
N Rodríguez-Muela, A M Hernández-Pinto, A Serrano-Puebla, L García-Ledo, S H Latorre, E J de la Rosa and P Boya

Differential roles of RIPK1 and RIPK3 in TNF-induced necroptosis and chemotherapeutic agent-induced cell death
K Moriwaki, J Bertin, P J Gough, G M Orlowski and F KM Chan


“(Not) All (Dead) Things Share the Same Breath”: Identification of Cell Death Mechanisms in Anticancer Therapy.
Rello-Varona S, Herrero-Martín D, López-Alemany R, Muñoz-Pinedo C, Tirado OM.

Autophagy, cell death and cancer
Lin Lin & Eric H. Baehrecke

Autosis and autophagic cell death: the dark side of autophagy
Y Liu and B Levine

Caspase-2 and oxidative stress response
Sonia Shalini & Sharad Kumar

Programmed Cell Death in Neurodevelopment
Yoshifumi Yamaguchi, Masayuki Miura


Letter to the Editor:
Caspase cleavage sites in the human proteome: CaspDB, a database of predicted substrates
Piotr Cieplak

Cell biology: Death drags down the neighbourhood
Claudia G. Vasquez & Adam C. Martin

Two roads to death – Bax targets mitochondria by distinct routes before or during apoptotic cell death
Grant Dewson

XIAP as a regulator of inflammatory cell death: the TNF and RIP3 angle
Monica Yabal & Philipp J Jost

BCL2L11/Bim as a dual-agent regulating autophagy and apoptosis in drug resistance
Yun Dai & Steven Grant

BIM-EL localization: The key to understanding anoikis resistance in inflammatory breast cancer cells
Cassandra L. Buchheit & Zachary T. Schafer

Cell-in-cell structures are involved in the competition between cells in human tumors
Qiang Sun, Hongyan Huang & Michael Overholtzer

ROS signaling during granzyme B-mediated apoptosis
Denis Martinvalet

The great migration of Bax and Bak
Frank Edlich

BAX and BAK1 are dispensable for ABT-737-induced dissociation of the BCL2-BECN1 complex and autophagy
Jose Manuel Bravo-San Pedro, Yongjie Wei, Valentina Sica, Chiara Maiuri, Zhongju Zou, Guido Kroemer & Beth Levine

Flicking the molecular switch underlying MLKL-mediated necroptosis
Joanne M Hildebrand, Isabelle S Lucet & James M Murphy

Tumor Biology: With a Little Help from My Dying Friends
Kirsten Lauber, Martin Herrmann

Redox regulation of Smac mimetic-induced cell death
Simone Fulda