ApoList – April 2014

Bcl-2 family proteins

Autophagy Controls the Kinetics and Extent of Mitochondrial Apoptosis by Regulating PUMA Levels
Jacqueline Thorburn, Zdenek Andrysik, Leah Staskiewicz, Jacob Gump, Paola Maycotte, Andrew Oberst, Douglas R. Green, Joaquín M. Espinosa, Andrew Thorburn

Deregulated cell death and lymphocyte homeostasis cause premature lethality in mice lacking the BH3-only proteins Bim and Bmf
Verena Labi, Claudia Woess, Selma Tuzlak, Miriam Erlacher, Philippe Bouillet, Andreas Strasser, Alexandar Tzankov, and Andreas Villunger

Bcl2L13 is a ceramide synthase inhibitor in glioblastoma
Samuel A. Jensen, Andrea E. Calvert, Giora Volpert, Fotini M. Kouri, Lisa A. Hurley, Janina P. Luciano, Yongfei Wu, Alexandra Chalastanis, Anthony H. Futerman, and Alexander H. Stegh

Phospho-Bcl-xL(Ser62) influences spindle assembly and chromosome segregation during mitosis
Jianfang Wang, Myriam Beauchemin and Richard Bertrand

The transcription factor FBI‐1 inhibits SAM68‐mediated BCL‐X alternative splicing and apoptosis
Pamela Bielli, Roberta Busà, Savino M Di Stasi, Manuel J Munoz, Flavia Botti, Alberto R Kornblihtt, and Claudio Sette

Integrated strategy reveals the protein interface between cancer targets Bcl-2 and NAF-1
Sagi Tamir, Shahar Rotem-Bamberger, Chen Katz, Faruck Morcos, Kendra L. Hailey, John A. Zuris, Charles Wang, Andrea R. Conlan, Colin H. Lipper, Mark L. Paddock, Ron Mittler, José N. Onuchic, Patricia A. Jennings, Assaf Friedler, and Rachel Nechushtai

Loss of Bak enhances lymphocytosis but does not ameliorate thrombocytopaenia in BCL-2 transgenic mice
C J Vandenberg, E C Josefsson, K J Campbell, C James, K E Lawlor, B T Kile and S Cory

Bax channel triplet: co-operativity and voltage gating
Shang H. Lin, Nuval Cherian, Benjamin Wu, Hyo Phee, Christy Cho and Marco Colombini

STAT3 and MCL-1 associate to cause a mesenchymal epithelial transition
A. P. Renjini, Shiny Titus, Prashanth Narayan, Megha Murali, Rajesh KumarJha, and Malini Laloraya

BEX1 Promotes Imatinib-Induced Apoptosis by Binding to and Antagonizing BCL-2
Qian Xiao, Yeting Hu, Yue Liu, Zhanhuai Wang, Haitao Geng, Lifeng Hu, Dengyong Xu, Ke Wang, Lei Zheng, Shu Zheng, Kefeng Ding

Non-apoptotic cell death

Mixed Lineage Kinase Domain-like Protein MLKL Causes Necrotic Membrane Disruption upon Phosphorylation by RIP3
Huayi Wang, Liming Sun, Lijing Su, Josep Rizo, Lei Liu, Li-Feng Wang, Fu-Sheng Wang, Xiaodong Wang

Rip3 knockdown rescues photoreceptor cell death in blind pde6c zebrafish
I A Viringipurampeer, X Shan, K Gregory-Evans, J P Zhang, Z Mohammadi and C Y Gregory-Evans

Death Induced by CD95 or CD95 Ligand Elimination
Abbas Hadji, Paolo Ceppi, Andrea E. Murmann, Sonia Brockway, Abhinandan Pattanayak, Bhavneet Bhinder,
Annika Hau, Shirley De Chant, Vamsi Parimi, Piotre Kolesza, JoAnne Richards, Navdeep Chandel, Hakim Djaballah, Marcus E. Peter

Death receptor pathway and IAPs

cIAPs and XIAP regulate myelopoiesis through cytokine production in an RIPK1- and RIPK3-dependent manner
W. Wei-Lynn Wong, James E. Vince, Najoua Lalaoui, Kate E. Lawlor, Diep Chau, Aleksandra Bankovacki, Holly Anderton, Donald Metcalf, Lorraine O’Reilly, Philipp J. Jost, James M. Murphy, Warren S. Alexander, Andreas Strasser, David L. Vaux, and John Silke

S-nitrosylation of FLICE inhibitory protein determines its interaction with RIP1 and activation of NF-κB
Siera Jo Talbott, Sudjit Luanpitpong, Christian Stehlik, Neelam Azad, Anand Krishnan V Iyer, Liying Wang and Yon Rojanasakul

Dominant Negative Effects of TNF-related Apoptosis-inducing Ligand (TRAIL) Receptor 4 on TRAIL Receptor 1 Signaling by Formation of Heteromeric Complexes
Simon Neumann, Jan Hasenauer, Nadine Pollak, and Peter Scheurich

Smac mimetic promotes glioblastoma cancer stem-like cell differentiation by activating NF-κB
A Tchoghandjian, C Jennewein, I Eckhardt, S Momma, D Figarella-Branger and S Fulda

Translational and posttranslational regulation of XIAP by eIF2α and ATF4 promotes ER stress–induced cell death during the unfolded protein response
Nobuhiko Hiramatsu, Carissa Messah, Jaeseok Han, Matthew M. LaVail, Randal J. Kaufman, and Jonathan H. Lin

Caspases and demolition phase

Caspase-3 Cleavage of Dishevelled Induces Elimination of Postsynaptic Structures
Jin-Yuan Wang, Fei Chen, Xiu-Qing Fu, Chuang-Shi Ding, Li Zhou, Xiao-Hui Zhang, Zhen-Ge Luo

Delay in Apoptosome Formation Attenuates Apoptosis in mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation
Shiva Akbari-Birgani, Saman Hosseinkhani, Sepideh Mollamohamadi, and Hossein Baharvand

Caspase-2 Maintains Bone Homeostasis by Inducing Apoptosis of Oxidatively-Damaged Osteoclasts
Ramaswamy Sharma, Danielle Callaway, Difernando Vanegas, Michelle Bendele, Marisa Lopez-Cruzan, Diane Horn, Teja Guda, Roberto Fajardo, Sherry Abboud-Werner, Brian Herman

Mutation of caspase-digestion sites in keratin 18 interferes with filament reorganization, and predisposes to hepatocyte necrosis and loss of membrane integrity
Sujith V. W. Weerasinghe, Nam-On Ku, Peter J. Altshuler, Raymond Kwan, and M. Bishr Omary

Caspase-6 activity in the CA1 region of the hippocampus induces age-dependent memory impairment
A C LeBlanc, J Ramcharitar, V Afonso, E Hamel, D A Bennett, P Pakavathkumar and S Albrecht

Oxidatively modified phosphatidylserines on the surface of apoptotic cells are essential phagocytic ‘eat-me’ signals: cleavage and inhibition of phagocytosis by Lp-PLA2
V A Tyurin, K Balasubramanian, D Winnica, Y Y Tyurina, A S Vikulina, R R He, A A Kapralov, C H Macphee and V E Kagan


GSK-3 – at the crossroads of cell death and survival
Ulrich Maurer, Florian Preiss, Prisca Brauns-Schubert, Lisa Schlicher, and Céline Charvet

The cytoplasmic side of p53’s oncosuppressive activities
Anna Cornel, Giovanni Sorrentino, Valeria Capaci, Giannino Del Sal

Staying Alive: Cell Death in Antiviral Immunity
Jason W. Upton, Francis Ka-Ming Chan

The CD95/CD95L Signaling Pathway: A Role in Carcinogenesis
Amélie Fouqué, Laure Debure, Patrick Legembre

A dual role for the anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 protein in cancer: Mitochondria versus endoplasmic reticulum
Haidar Akl, Tamara Vervloessem, Santeri Kiviluoto, Mart Bittremieux, Jan B. Parys, Humbert De Smedt, Geert Bultynck


Caspase-3, Shears for Synapse Pruning
Chengyong Shen, Wen C. Xiong, Lin Mei

Avoiding Inflammation During Apoptosis

RIPK3 kinase activity determines death pathway

cIAPs and XIAP reduce RIPKs to silence
Arnaud Jacquel and Patrick Auberger

DICE: A novel tumor surveillance mechanism—a new therapy for cancer?
Marcus E Peter