ApoList – March 2014

Bcl-2 family members

Selective BCL-2 Inhibition by ABT-199 Causes On-Target Cell Death in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Rongqing Pan, Leah J. Hogdal, Juliana M. Benito, Donna Bucci, Lina Han, Gautam Borthakur, Jorge Cortes, Daniel J. DeAngelo, LaKeisha Debose, Hong Mu, Hartmut Döhner, Verena I. Gaidzik, Ilene Galinsky, Leonard S. Golfman, Torsten Haferlach, Karine G. Harutyunyan, Jianhua Hu, Joel D. Leverson, Guido Marcucci, Markus Müschen, Rachel Newman, Eugene Park, Peter P. Ruvolo, Vivian Ruvolo, Jeremy Ryan, Sonja Schindela, Patrick Zweidler-McKay, Richard M. Stone, Hagop Kantarjian, Michael Andreeff, Marina Konopleva, and Anthony G. Letai

After Embedding in Membranes Antiapoptotic Bcl-XL Protein Binds Both Bcl-2 Homology Region 3 and Helix 1 of Proapoptotic Bax Protein to Inhibit Apoptotic Mitochondrial Permeabilization
Jingzhen Ding, Blaine H. M. Mooers, Zhi Zhang, Justin Kale, Domina Falcone, Jamie McNichol, Bo Huang, Xuejun C. Zhang, Chengguo Xing, David W. Andrews, and Jialing Lin

Activation of the Proapoptotic Bcl-2 Protein Bax by a Small Molecule Induces Tumor Cell Apoptosis
Guoping Zhao, Yanglong Zhu, Colins O. Eno, Yanlong Liu, Lynn DeLeeuw, Joseph A. Burlison, Jonathan B. Chaires, John O. Trent, and Chi Li

BNIP3 supports melanoma cell migration and vasculogenic mimicry by orchestrating the actin cytoskeleton
H Maes, S Van Eygen, D V Krysko, P Vandenabeele, K Nys, K Rillaerts, A D Garg, T Verfaillie and P Agostinis

Modulation of Mcl-1 sensitizes glioblastoma to TRAIL-induced apoptosis
Á. C. Murphy , B. Weyhenmeyer , J. Noonan , S. M. Kilbride , S. Schimansky , K. P. Loh , D. Kögel , A. G. Letai , J. H. M. Prehn & B. M. Murphy

Death receptors

Intra- and Interdimeric Caspase-8 Self-Cleavage Controls Strength and Timing of CD95-Induced Apoptosis
Stefan M. Kallenberger, Joël Beaudouin, Juliane Claus, Carmen Fischer, Peter K. Sorger, Stefan Legewie, and Roland Eils

Differential affinity of FLIP and procaspase 8 for FADD’s DED binding surfaces regulates DISC assembly
J. Majkut, M. Sgobba, C. Holohan, N. Crawford, A. E. Logan, E. Kerr, C. A. Higgins, K. L. Redmond, J. S. Riley, I. Stasik, D. A. Fennell, S. Van Schaeybroeck, S. Haider, P. G. Johnston, D. Haigh and D. B. Longley

Fas ligand–mediated immune surveillance by T cells is essential for the control of spontaneous B cell lymphomas
Shoukat Afshar-Sterle, Dimitra Zotos, Nicholas J Bernard, Anna K Scherger, Lisa Rödling, Amber E Alsop, Jennifer Walker, Frederick Masson, Gabrielle T Belz, Lynn M Corcoran, Lorraine A O’Reilly, Andreas Strasser, Mark J Smyth, Ricky Johnstone, David M Tarlinton, Stephen L Nutt & Axel Kallies

Blockade of Fas signaling in breast cancer cells suppresses tumor growth and metastasis via disruption of Fas signaling-initiated cancer-related inflammation
Qiuyan Liu, Qinchun Tan, Yuanyuan Zheng, Kun Chen, Cheng Qian, Nan Li, Qingqing Wang, and Xuetao Cao


The deubiquitinating enzyme DUBAI stabilizes DIAP1 to suppress Drosophila apoptosis
C-S Yang, S A Sinenko, M J Thomenius, A C Robeson, C D Freel, S R Horn and S Kornbluth

Distinctive effects of the cellular inhibitor of apoptosis protein c-IAP2 through stabilization by XIAP in glioblastoma multiforme cells
Wensheng Yang, Mariana Cooke, Colin S Duckett, Xiaolu Yang and Jay F Dorsey

Survivin is essential for fertile egg production and female fertility in mice
Z-Z Jiang, M-W Hu, Z-B Wang, L Huang, F Lin, S-T Qi, Y-C Ouyang, H-Y Fan, H Schatten, T W Mak and Q-Y Sun

Caspases and demolition phase, phagocytosis

Unexpected link between an antibiotic, pannexin channels and apoptosis
Ivan K. H. Poon, Yu-Hsin Chiu, Allison J. Armstrong, Jason M. Kinchen, Ignacio J. Juncadella, Douglas A. Bayliss & Kodi S. Ravichandran

Extracellular caspase-6 drives murine inflammatory pain via microglial TNF-α secretion
Temugin Berta, Chul-Kyu Park, Zhen-Zhong Xu, Ruo-Gang Xie, Tong Liu, Ning Lü, Yen-Chin Liu, Ru-Rong Ji

Involvement of caspase-2 activation in aurora kinase inhibitor-induced cell death in axin-expressing L929 cells
Eun-Jin Choi, Shi-Mun Kim, Jee-Hye Shin, Sewon Kim, Ki-Joon Song & Sun-Ho Kee

Caspase-11 Controls Interleukin-1ß Release through Degradation of TRPC1
Bénédicte F. Py, Mingzhi Jin, Bimal N. Desai, Anirudh Penumaka, Hong Zhu, Maike Kober, Alexander Dietrich, Marta M. Lipinski, Thomas Henry, David E. Clapham, Junying Yuan

Identification and Functional Characterization of Two Executioner Caspases in Crassostrea gigas
Tao Qu, Baoyu Huang, Linlin Zhang, Li Li, Fei Xu, Wen Huang, Chunyan Li, Yishuai Du, Guofan Zhang

Clec12a Is an Inhibitory Receptor for Uric Acid Crystals that Regulates Inflammation in Response to Cell Death
Konstantin Neumann, Mercedes Castiñeiras-Vilariño, Ulrike Höckendorf, Nicole Hannesschläger, Simone Lemeer, Danny Kupka, Svenia Meyermann, Maciej Lech, Hans-Joachim Anders, Bernhard Kuster, Dirk H. Busch, Andreas Gewies, Ronald Naumann, Olaf Groß, Jürgen Ruland

Tim4- and MerTK-Mediated Engulfment of Apoptotic Cells by Mouse Resident Peritoneal Macrophages
Chihiro Nishi, Satoshi Toda, Katsumori Segawa, and Shigekazu Nagata

PDR-1/hParkin negatively regulates the phagocytosis of apoptotic cell corpses in Caenorhabditis elegans
J Cabello, J Sämann, E Gómez-Orte, T Erazo, A Coppa, A Pujol, I Büssing, B Schulze, J M Lizcano, I Ferrer, R Baumeister and E Dalfo

Non-apoptotic cell death

Activity of Protein Kinase RIPK3 Determines Whether Cells Die by Necroptosis or Apoptosis
Kim Newton, Debra L. Dugger, Katherine E. Wickliffe, Neeraj Kapoor, M. Cristina de Almagro, Domagoj Vucic, Laszlo Komuves, Ronald E. Ferrando, Dorothy M. French, Joshua Webster, Merone Roose-Girma, Søren Warming, Vishva M. Dixit

A novel role for the apoptosis inhibitor ARC in suppressing TNFα-induced regulated necrosis
G Kung, P Dai, L Deng and R N Kitsis


Apoptosis in schistosomes: Toward novel targets for the treatment of schistosomiasis
Lee, E.F., Young, N.D., Lim, N.T.Y., Gasser, R.B., Fairlie, W.D.

New Arabidopsis thaliana Cytochrome c Partners: A Look Into the Elusive Role of Cytochrome c in Programmed Cell Death in Plants
Jonathan Martínez-Fábregas, Irene Díaz-Moreno, Katiuska González-Arzola, Simon Janocha, José A. Navarro, Manuel Hervás, Rita Bernhardt, Antonio Díaz-Quintana‡ and Miguel Á. De la Rosa

TAT-RasGAP317–326-mediated tumor cell death sensitization can occur independently of Bax and Bak
Alessandro Annibaldi , Mathieu Heulot , Jean-Claude Martinou & Christian Widmann

Activated ERBB2/HER2 Licenses Sensitivity to Apoptosis upon Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress through a PERK-Dependent Pathway
Rosa Martín-Pérez, Carmen Palacios, Rosario Yerbes, Ana Cano-González, Daniel Iglesias-Serret, Joan Gil, Mauricio J. Reginato, and Abelardo López-Rivas

Platelet production proceeds independently of the intrinsic and extrinsic apoptosis pathways
Emma C. Josefsson, Deborah L. Burnett, Marion Lebois, Marlyse A. Debrincat, Michael J. White, Katya J. Henley, Rachael M. Lane, Diane Moujalled, Simon P. Preston, Lorraine A. O’Reilly, Marc Pellegrini, Donald Metcalf, Andreas Strasser and Benjamin T. Kile

Single-Cell Resolution Imaging of Retinal Ganglion Cell Apoptosis In Vivo Using a Cell-Penetrating Caspase-Activatable Peptide Probe
Xudong Qiu, James R. Johnson, Bradley S. Wilson, Seth T. Gammon, David Piwnica-Worms, Edward M. Barnett

Transformed Epithelia Trigger Non-Tissue-Autonomous Tumor Suppressor Response by Adipocytes via Activation of Toll and Eiger/TNF Signaling
Federica Parisi, Rhoda K. Stefanatos, Karen Strathdee, Yachuan Yu, Marcos Vidal


To Be or Not to Be? How Selective Autophagy and Cell Death Govern Cell Fate
Douglas R. Green, Beth Levine

Membranes in motion: mitochondrial dynamics and their role in apoptosis
Begoña Ugarte-Uribe, Ana J. García-Sáez

Apoptosis Regulation at the Mitochondrial Outer Membrane
Laura A. Gillies and Tomomi Kuwana

Microglial phagocytosis of live neurons
Guy C. Brown and Jonas J. Neher

Autophagy and apoptosis: where do they meet?
Subhadip Mukhopadhyay, Prashanta Kumar Panda, Niharika Sinha, Durgesh Nandini Das & Sujit Kumar Bhutia

Bcl-2 regulation of the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor and calcium signaling in normal and malignant lymphocytes: Potential new target for cancer treatment
Edward F. Greenberg, Andrew R. Lavik, Clark W. Distelhorst

Comments / other

Cell biology: The disassembly of death
Christopher D. Gregory

RIPK3 Takes Another Deadly Turn
Jianke Zhang and Francis Ka-Ming Chan

Signaling unmasked: Autophagy and catalase promote programmed cell death
Morten Petersen, Daniel Hofius and Stig Uggerhøj Andersen

At the crossroads of cell death pathways



ApoList – February 2014


Many players in BCL-2 family affairs
Tudor Moldoveanu, Ariele Viacava Follis, Richard W. Kriwacki, Douglas R. Green

Ars Moriendi; the art of dying well – new insights into the molecular pathways of necroptotic cell death
James M Murphy and John Silke

Andreas Linkermann and Douglas R. Green

Self-consumption: the interplay of autophagy and apoptosis
Guillermo Marino, Mireia Niso-Santano, Eric H. Baehrecke & Guido Kroemer

Regulation of cell migration, invasion and metastasis by IAP proteins and their antagonists
S Fulda

Harnessing system models of cell death signalling for cytotoxic chemotherapy: towards personalised medicine approaches?
Heinrich J. Huber & Ross G. McKiernan & Jochen H. M. Prehn

Structural determinants of DISC function: new insights into death receptor-mediated apoptosis signalling.
Tamas Sessler, Sandra Healy, Afshin Samali, Eva Szegezdi

Regulated necrosis: the expanding network of non-apoptotic cell death pathways
Tom Vanden Berghe, Andreas Linkermann, Sandrine Jouan-Lanhouet,  Henning Walczak & Peter Vandenabeele

Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins in Pediatric Leukemia: Molecular Pathways and Novel Approaches to Therapy
Simone Fulda

Bcl-2 family members

Bcl2 overexpression rescues the hematopoietic stem cell defects in Ku70-deficient mice by restoration of quiescence
Yulan Qing, Zhengqi Wang, Kevin D. Bunting, and Stanton L. Gerson
http://bloodjournal.hematologylibrary.org/content/123/7/1002.abstract.html?etocMantle cell lymphoma in cyclin D1 transgenic mice with Bim-deficient B  cells
Samuel G. Katz, James L. LaBelle, Hailong Meng, Regina P. Valeriano, JillK. Fisher, Heather Sun, Scott J. Rodig, Steven H. Kleinstein, and Loren D. Walensky

The Bcl-2 Homolog Nrz Inhibits Binding of IP3 to Its Receptor to Control Calcium Signaling During Zebrafish Epiboly
Benjamin Bonneau, Adrien Nougarède, Julien Prudent, Nikolay Popgeorgiev, Nadine Peyriéras, Ruth Rimokh, and Germain Gillet

OBATOCLAX and ABT-737 Induce ER Stress Responses in Human Melanoma Cells that Limit Induction of Apoptosis
David Wroblewski, Chen Chen Jiang, Amanda Croft, Margaret L. Farrelly, Xu Dong Zhang, Peter Hersey

S-palmitoylation represents a novel mechanism regulating the mitochondrial targeting of BAX and initiation of apoptosis
M Fröhlich, B Dejanovic, H Kashkar, G Schwarz and S Nussberger

The Mathematical Model of the Bcl-2 Family Mediated MOMP Regulation Can Perform a Non-Trivial Pattern Recognition
Tomas Tokar, Jozef Ulicny

Noxa determines localization and stability of MCL-1 and consequently ABT-737 sensitivity in small cell lung cancer
W Nakajima, M A Hicks, N Tanaka, G W Krystal and H Harada

Anti-Tumoral Effect of the Mitochondrial Target Domain of Noxa Delivered by an Engineered Salmonella typhimurium
Jae-Ho Jeong, Kwangsoo Kim, Daejin Lim, Kwangjoon Jeong, Yeongjin Hong, Vu H. Nguyen, Tae-Hyoung Kim, Sangryeol Ryu, Jeong-A. Lim, Jae Il Kim, Geun-Joong Kim, Sun Chang Kim, Jung-Joon Min, Hyon E. Choy

Death receptors/Caspase-8/FLIP

A synthetic lethal screen identifies FAT1 as an antagonist of caspase‐8 in extrinsic apoptosis
Dominique Kranz and Michael Boutros

Participation of c-FLIP in NLRP3 and AIM2 inflammasome activation
Y-H Wu, W-C Kuo, Y-J Wu, K-T Yang, S-T Chen, S-T Jiang, C Gordy, Y-W He and M-Z Lai

Selective CDK9 inhibition overcomes TRAIL resistance by concomitant suppression of cFlip and Mcl-1
J Lemke, S von Karstedt, M Abd El Hay, A Conti, F Arce, A Montinaro, K Papenfuss, M A El-Bahrawy and H Walczak

TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) signaling and cell death in the immature central nervous system after hypoxia-ischemia and inflammation
Anton Kichev, Catherine I. Rousset, Ana A. Baburamani, Steven W. Levison, Teresa L. Wood, Pierre Gressens, Claire Thornton, and Henrik Hagberg

A role for TRAIL/TRAIL-R2 in radiation-induced apoptosis and radiation-induced bystander response of human neural stem cells
Vladimir N. Ivanov & Tom K. Hei

Lyn-mediated procaspase 8 dimerization blocks apoptotic signaling in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Francesca Zonta, Mario Angelo Pagano, Livio Trentin, Elena Tibaldi, Federica Frezzato, Cristina Gattazzo, Veronica Martini, Valentina Trimarco, Marco Mazzorana, Luciana Bordin, Gianpietro Semenzato, and Anna Maria Brunati

The DUSP26 phosphatase activator adenylate kinase 2 regulates FADD phosphorylation and cell growth
Hyunjoo Kim, Ho-June Lee, Yumin Oh, Seon-Guk Choi, Se-Hoon Hong, Hyo-Jin Kim, Song-Yi Lee, Ji-Woo Choi, Deog Su Hwang, Key-Sun Kim, Hyo-Joon Kim, Jianke Zhang, Hyun-Jo Youn, Dong-Young Noh and Yong-Keun Jung

Non-apoptotic cell death

Is SIRT2 required for necroptosis?
Kim Newton, Joanne M. Hildebrand, Zhirong Shen, Diego Rodriguez, Silvia Alvarez-Diaz, Sean Petersen, Saumil Shah, Debra L. Dugger, Chunzi Huang, Johan Auwerx, Peter Vandenabeele, Douglas R. Green, Avi Ashkenazi, Vishva M. Dixit, William J. Kaiser, Andreas Strasser, Alexei Degterev & John Silke

Retraction: The NAD-dependent deacetylase SIRT2 is required for programmed necrosis ▶
Nisha Narayan, In Hye Lee, Ronen Borenstein et al.

Mitoneet mediates TNFα-induced necroptosis promoted by exposure to fructose and ethanol
Nataly Shulga and John G. Pastorino

Necroptosis induced by RIPK3 requires MLKL but not Drp1
D M Moujalled, W D Cook, J M Murphy and D L Vaux

Accumulation of Cytosolic Calcium Induces Necroptotic Cell Death in Human Neuroblastoma
Motonari Nomura, Ayumi Ueno, Kotaro Saga, Masahiro Fukuzawa, and Yasufumi Kaneda

Caspases and IAPs

ER stress does not cause upregulation and activation of caspase-2 to initiate apoptosis
J J Sandow, L Dorstyn, L A O’Reilly, M Tailler, S Kumar, A Strasser and P G Ekert

Analysis of the minimal specificity of caspase 2 and identification of Ac-VDTTD-AFC as a caspase 2-selective peptide substrate
Tanja Kitevska, Sarah J. Roberts, Delara Pantaki-Eimany, Sarah E. Boyd, Fiona L. Scott and Christine J. Hawkins

Caspase-1 Cleavage of the TLR Adaptor TRIF Inhibits Autophagy and β-Interferon Production during Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection
Majid Sakhi Jabir, Neil D. Ritchie, Dong Li, Hannah K. Bayes, Panagiotis Tourlomousis, Daniel Puleston, Alison Lupton, Lee Hopkins, Anna Katharina Simon, Clare Bryant, Thomas J. Evans

Characterization of Four Novel Caspases from Litopenaeus vannamei (Lvcaspase2-5) and Their Role in WSSV Infection through dsRNA-Mediated Gene Silencing
Pei-Hui Wang, Ding-Hui Wan, Yong-Gui Chen, Shao-Ping Weng, Xiao-Qiang Yu, Jian-Guo He

A Crohn’s disease variant in Atg16l1 enhances its degradation by caspase 3
Aditya Murthy, Yun Li, Ivan Peng, Mike Reichelt, Anand Kumar Katakam, Rajkumar Noubade, Merone Roose-Girma, Jason DeVoss, Lauri Diehl, Robert R. Graham & Menno van Lookeren Campagne

Smac mimetics and innate immune stimuli synergize to promote tumor death
Shawn T Beug, Vera A Tang, Eric C LaCasse, Herman H Cheung, Caroline E Beauregard, Jan Brun, Jeffrey P Nuyens, Nathalie Earl, Martine St-Jean, Janelle Holbrook, Himika Dastidar, Douglas J Mahoney, Carolina Ilkow, Fabrice Le Boeuf, John C Bell & Robert G Korneluk


BCL-2 Inhibitor Yields High Response in CLL and SLL

DrICE resurrects Grim to antagonize DIAP1
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4161/cc.27857
Ting-Chun Yeh and Shawn B Bratton

It’s not over until the FAT lady sings
Marco J Herold and Andreas Strasser
This study identifies the cadherin FAT1 as a novel inhibitor of caspase‐8 activation

The IP3 Receptor as a Hub for Bcl-2 Family Proteins in Cell Death Control and Beyond
Jan B. Parys

SMAC mimetics deal a blow to tumours
Isabel Lokody