ApoList – November 2012

Bcl-2 family proteins

ATF4 Regulates MYC-Mediated Neuroblastoma Cell Death upon Glutamine Deprivation
Guoliang Qing, Bo Li, Annette Vu, Nicolas Skuli, Zandra E. Walton, Xueyuan Liu, Patrick A. Mayes, David R. Wise, Craig B. Thompson, John M. Maris, Michael D. Hogarty, M. Celeste Simon

DNA Damage-Induced Primordial Follicle Oocyte Apoptosis and Loss of Fertility Require TAp63-Mediated Induction of Puma and Noxa
J.B. Kerr, K.J. Hutt, E.M. Michalak, M. Cook, C.J. Vandenberg, S.H. Liew, P. Bouillet, A. Mills, C.L. Scott, J.K. Findlay, and A. Strasser

BIM, a proapoptotic protein, upregulated via transcription factor E2F1-dependent mechanism, functions as a prosurvival molecule in cancer
Raghu Gogada, Neelu Yadav, Junwei Liu, Shaohua Tang, Dianmu Zhang, Andrea Schneider, Athul Seshadri, Leimin Sun, C. Marcelo Aldaz, Dean Tang, and Dhyan Chandra

Genetic variants of a BH3-only pro-apoptotic gene, PUMA, and risk of HPV16-associated squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.
Zhou Z, Sturgis EM, Liu Z, Wang LE, Wei Q, Li G

Hepatitis B virus X protein targets the Bcl-2 protein CED-9 to induce intracellular Ca2+ increase and cell death in Caenorhabditis elegans
Xin Geng, Brian L. Harry, Qinghua Zhou, Riley Robert Skeen-Gaar, Xiao Ge, Eui Seung Lee, Shohei Mitani, and Ding Xue

Hepatitis B virus X protein targets Bcl-2 proteins to increase intracellular calcium, required for virus replication and cell death induction
Xin Geng, Chenghao Huang, Yan Qin, Janet E. McCombs, Quan Yuan, Brian L. Harry, Amy E. Palmer, Ning-Shao Xia, and Ding Xue

NOXA contributes to the sensitivity of PERK-deficient cells to ER stress
Sanjeev Gupta, Zoltan Giricz, Alessandro Natoni, Neysan Donnelly, Shane Deegan, Eva Szegezdi, Afshin Samali

Death receptors / necroptosis

The NAD-dependent deacetylase SIRT2 is required for programmed necrosis
Nisha Narayan, In Hye Lee, Ronen Borenstein, Junhui Sun, Renee Wong, Guang Tong, Maria M. Fergusson, Jie Liu, Ilsa I. Rovira, Hwei-Ling Cheng, Guanghui Wang, Marjan Gucek, David Lombard, Fredrick W. Alt, Michael N. Sack, Elizabeth Murphy, Liu Cao & Toren Finkel

Control of FLIPL expression and TRAIL resistance by the extracellular signal-regulated kinase1/2 pathway in breast epithelial cells
R Yerbes, A López-Rivas, M J Reginato and C Palacios

TRAIL induces necroptosis involving RIPK1/RIPK3-dependent PARP-1 activation
S Jouan-Lanhouet, M I Arshad, C Piquet-Pellorce, C Martin-Chouly, G Le Moigne-Muller, F Van Herreweghe, N Takahashi, O Sergent, D Lagadic-Gossmann, P Vandenabeele, M Samson and M-T Dimanche-Boitrel

Histone deacetylase inhibitors sensitize glioblastoma cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis by c-myc-mediated downregulation of cFLIP
A Bangert, S Cristofanon, I Eckhardt, B A Abhari, S Kolodziej, S Häcker, S H K Vellanki, J Lausen, K-M Debatin and S Fulda

Kinome profiling of non-canonical TRAIL signaling reveals RIP1–Src–STAT3-dependent invasion in resistant non-small cell lung cancer cells
Kaamar Azijli, Saravanan Yuvaraj, Maikel P. Peppelenbosch, Thomas Würdinger, Henk Dekker, Jos Joore, Evert van Dijk, Wim J. Quax, Godefridus J. Peters, Steven de Jong, and Frank A. E. Kruy

Caspases and phagocytosis

The molecular mechanism of apoptosis upon caspase-8 activation: quantitative experimental validation of a mathematical model.
Kominami K, Nakabayashi J, Nagai T, Tsujimura Y, Chiba K, Kimura H, Miyawaki A, Sawasaki T, Yokota H, Manabe N, Sakamaki K.

In Vivo Imaging of Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Activation of Caspase-8 during Apoptosis
Katsuya Kominami, Takeharu Nagai, Tatsuya Sawasaki, Yuki Tsujimura, Kenta Yashima, Yasuhiro Sunaga, Masateru Tsuchimochi, Jun Nishimura, Kumiko Chiba, Jun Nakabayashi, Koji Koyamada, Yaeta Endo, Hideo Yokota, Atsushi Miyawaki, Noboru Manabe, Kazuhiro Sakamaki

IRE1α Cleaves Select microRNAs During ER Stress to Derepress Translation of Proapoptotic Caspase-2
Upton JP, Wang L, Han D, Wang ES, Huskey NE, Lim L, Truitt M, McManus MT, Ruggero D, Goga A, Papa FR, Oakes SA.

Conservation of caspase substrates across metazoans suggests hierarchical importance of signaling pathways over specific targets and cleavage site motifs in apoptosis
E D Crawford, J E Seaman, A E Barber, II, D C David, P C Babbitt, A L Burlingame and J A Wells

Comparison of the Kinetics of Maturation of Phagosomes Containing Apoptotic Cells and IgG-Opsonized Particles
Michelle S. Viegas, Luís M. B. B. Estronca, Otília V. Vieira

Reviews / Previews

Immunogenic cell death and DAMPs in cancer therapy
Dmitri V. Krysko, Abhishek D. Garg, Agnieszka Kaczmarek, Olga Krysko, Patrizia Agostinis & Peter Vandenabeele

P53-induced protein with a death domain (PIDD): master of puppets?
F J Bock, L Peintner, M Tanzer, C Manzl and A Villunger

Mitochondria: master regulators of danger signalling
Lorenzo Galluzzi, Oliver Kepp & Guido Kroemer

Cell biology: Death by deacetylation
Wen Zhou & Junying Yuan

*Reminder: EMBO Workshop in Obergurgl. http://events.embo.org/13-cycling-to-death/


ApoList – October 2012

Bcl-2 family proteins

Bcl-2 family member Bcl-G is not a proapoptotic protein
M Giam, T Okamoto, J D Mintern, A Strasser and P Bouillet

Relative Mitochondrial Priming of Myeloblasts and Normal HSCs Determines Chemotherapeutic Success in AML
Thanh-Trang Vo, Jeremy Ryan, Ruben Carrasco, Donna Neuberg, Derrick J. Rossi, Richard M. Stone, Daniel J. DeAngelo, Mark G. Frattini, Anthony Letai

MiR-494 is regulated by ERK1/2 and modulates TRAIL-induced apoptosis in non–small-cell lung cancer through BIM down-regulation
Giulia Romano, Mario Acunzo, Michela Garofalo, Gianpiero Di Leva, Luciano Cascione, Ciro Zanca, Brad Bolon, Gerolama Condorelli, and Carlo M. Croce

Decreased mitochondrial apoptotic priming underlies stroma-mediated treatment resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Matthew S. Davids, Jing Deng, Adrian Wiestner, Brian J. Lannutti, Lili Wang, Catherine J. Wu, Wyndham H. Wilson, Jennifer R. Brown, and Anthony Letai

Necrosis-like death can engage multiple pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 protein family members
Denise Tischner, Claudia Manzl, Claudia Soratroi, Andreas Villunger & Gerhard Krumschnabel

Death receptors and IAPs

Characterization of ML-IAP protein stability and physiological role in vivo
Varfolomeev E, Moradi E, Dynek JN, Zha J, Fedorova AV, Deshayes K, Fairbrother WJ, Newton K, Le Couter J, Vucic D.

cIAP1 and cIAP2 limit macrophage necroptosis by inhibiting Rip1 and Rip3 activation
S McComb, H H Cheung, R G Korneluk, S Wang, L Krishnan and S Sad

The adaptor protein FADD and the initiator caspase-8 mediate activation of NF-κB by TRAIL
M Grunert, K Gottschalk, J Kapahnke, S Gündisch, A Kieser and I Jeremias


Protease activity of procaspase-8 is essential for cell survival by inhibiting both apoptotic and nonapoptotic cell death dependent on receptor interacting protein kinase 1 (RIP1) and RIP3
Mina Kikuchi, Shunsuke Kuroki, Mitsuhiro Kayama, Shota Sakaguchi, Kyung-Kwon Lee, and Shin Yonehara

Caspase-3 Protects Stressed Organs against Cell Death
Hadi Khalil, Nieves Peltzer, Joël Walicki, Jiang-Yan Yang, Gilles Dubuis, Noémie Gardiol, Werner Held, Paul Bigliardi, Benjamin Marsland, Lucas Liaudet, and Christian Widmann

Intrinsic caspase-8 activation mediates sensitization of erlotinib-resistant tumor cells to erlotinib/cell-cycle inhibitors combination treatment
M Orzáez, T Guevara, M Sancho and E Pérez-Payá

Systems analysis of cancer cell heterogeneity in caspase-dependent apoptosis subsequent to mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilisation
Jasmin Schmid, Heiko Dussmann, Gerhardt J. Boukes, Lorna Flanagan, Andreas U. Lindner, Carla L. O’Connor, Markus Rehm, Jochen H. M. Prehn, and Heinrich J. Huber


Application of flow cytometry to determine differential redistribution of cytochrome c and Smac/DIABLO from mitochondria during cell death signaling.
Ng H, Smith DJ, Nagley P.

AIF and Scythe (Bat3) Regulate Phosphatidylserine Exposure and Macrophage Clearance of Cells Undergoing Fas (APO-1)-Mediated Apoptosis
Giulio Preta, Bengt Fadeel

Early otic development depends on autophagy for apoptotic cell clearance and neural differentiation
M R Aburto, H Sánchez-Calderón, J M Hurlé, I Varela-Nieto and M Magariños

Reviews / comments

The pantheon of the fallen: why are there so many forms of cell death?
Douglas R. Green, Bernadette Victor

Bcl-G acquitted of murder!
D Tischner and A Villunger

The secrets of the Bcl-2 family
A J García-Sáez

TRAIL: not just for tumors anymore?
Chris A. Benedict and Carl F. Ware