ApoList – August 2012

Bcl-2 family proteins

NOXA, a sensor of proteasome integrity, is degraded by 26S proteasomes by an ubiquitin-independent pathway that is blocked by MCL-1
A Craxton, M Butterworth, N Harper, L Fairall, J Schwabe, A Ciechanover and G M Cohen

BCL2 Suppresses PARP1 Function and Nonapoptotic Cell Death
Chaitali Dutta, Tovah Day, Nadja Kopp, Diederik van Bodegom, Matthew S. Davids, Jeremy Ryan, Liat Bird, Naveen Kommajosyula, Oliver Weigert, Akinori Yoda, Hua Fung, Jennifer R. Brown, Geoffrey I. Shapiro, Anthony Letai, and David M. Weinstock

Bcl-2 is a better ABT-737 target than Bcl-xL or Bcl-w and only Noxa overcomes resistance mediated by Mcl-1, Bfl-1, or Bcl-B
R W Rooswinkel, B van de Kooij, M Verheij and J Borst

Is BID required for NOD signalling?
Ueli Nachbur, James E. Vince, Lorraine A. O’Reilly, Andreas Strasser & John Silke

Yeretssian et al. reply
Garabet Yeretssian, Ricardo G. Correa, Karine Doiron, Patrick Fitzgerald, Christopher P. Dillon, Douglas R. Green, John C. Reed & Maya Saleh

Death receptors-necroptosis

dsRNA induces apoptosis through an atypical death complex associating TLR3 to caspase-8
Y Estornes, F Toscano, F Virard, G Jacquemin, A Pierrot, B Vanbervliet, M Bonnin, N Lalaoui, P Mercier-Gouy, Y Pachéco, B Salaun, T Renno, O Micheau and S Lebecque

Ubiquitination and degradation of the FADD adaptor protein regulate death receptor-mediated apoptosis and necroptosis
Eun-Woo Lee, Jung-Hoon Kim, Ye-Hyeon Ahn, Jinho Seo, Aram Ko, Manhyung Jeong, Seok-Jun Kim, Jae Y. Ro, Ki-Moon Park, Han-Woong Lee, Eun Jung Park, Kyung-Hee Chun and Jaewhan Song

GRIM-19-mediated translocation of STAT3 to mitochondria is necessary for TNF-induced necroptosis
Nataly Shulga and John G. Pastorin

RIP1-dependent assembly of a cytosolic cell death complex is required for IAP inhibitor-mediated sensitization for Lexatumumab-induced apoptosis
Farhan Basit, Robin Humphreys, and Simone Fulda

Oxidative Processing of Latent Fas in the Endoplasmic Reticulum Controls the Strength of Apoptosis
Vikas Anathy, Elle Roberson, Brian Cunniff, James D. Nolin, Sidra Hoffman, Page Spiess, Amy S. Guala, Karolyn G. Lahue, Dylan Goldman, Stevenson Flemer, Albert van der Vliet, Nicholas H. Heintz, Ralph C. Budd, Kenneth D. Tew, and Yvonne M. W. Janssen-Heininger

The Transmembrane Domains of TNF-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand (TRAIL) Receptors 1 and 2 Co-Regulate Apoptotic Signaling Capacity
Simon Neumann, Tobias Bidon, Marcus Branschädel, Anja Krippner-Heidenreich, Peter Scheurich, Malgorzata Doszczak

Cell Death via DR5, but not DR4, Is Regulated by p53 in Myeloma Cells
Sylvanie Surget, David Chiron, Patricia Gomez-Bougie, Géraldine Descamps, Emmanuelle Ménoret, Régis Bataille, Philippe Moreau, Steven Le Gouill, Martine Amiot, and Catherine Pellat-Deceunynck


A Genome-Wide RNA Interference Screen Identifies Caspase 4 as a Factor Required for Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Signaling
Dorothee Nickles, Christina Falschlehner, Marie Metzig, and Michael Boutros

Caspase-11 increases susceptibility to Salmonella infection in the absence of caspase-1
Petr Broz, Thomas Ruby, Kamila Belhocine, Donna M. Bouley, Nobuhiko Kayagaki, Vishva M. Dixit & Denise M. Monack

Quantitative profiling of caspase-cleaved substrates reveals different drug-induced and cell-type patterns in apoptosis
Kazutaka Shimbo, Gerald W. Hsu, Huy Nguyen, Sami Mahrus, Jonathan C. Trinidad, Alma L. Burlingame, and James A. Wells

Fibrils colocalize caspase-3 with procaspase-3 to foster maturation
Julie Anne Zorn, Dennis William Wolan, Nicholas John Agard, and James A. Wells

Zinc-Mediated Allosteric Inhibition of Caspase-6
Elih M. Velazquez-Delgado and Jeanne A. Hardy
J. Biol. Chem. published 13 August 2012, 10.1074/jbc.M112.397752


Programmed elimination of cells by caspase-independent cell extrusion in C. elegans
Daniel P. Denning, Victoria Hatch & H. Robert Horvitz http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v488/n7410/full/nature11240.html

Heat shock protein 90α (HSP90α), a substrate and chaperone of DNA-PK necessary for the apoptotic response
Stéphanie Solier, Kurt W. Kohn, Bradley Scroggins, Wanping Xu, Jane Trepel, Leonard Neckers, and Yves Pommier

Annexin A2 and A5 serve as new ligands for C1Q on apoptotic cells
Myriam Martin, Jonatan Leffler, and Anna M. Blom

Comments / reviews / other

Caspase-3 in the central nervous system: beyond apoptosis
D’Amelio, Sheng, and Cecconi

Cell signalling: A necrosome build-up
RIP1–RIP3 complexes form amyloid-like fibrils to promote programmed necrosis.

Safety control for apoptotic irreversibility
Marie Dutreix

An improved understanding of TNFL/TNFR interactions using structure-based classifications
Cedrik Magis, Almer M. van der Sloot, Luis Serrano, Cedric Notredame

Mitochondrial Dynamics and Apoptosis—the ER Connection
Suzanne Hoppins, Jodi Nunnari

Cell Press Webinar: Imaging the Sustainable Cell
Doug Green, Ana María Cuervo, Ivan Dikic




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