Apolist – july 2011

cIAPs Block Ripoptosome Formation, a RIP1/Caspase-8 Containing Intracellular Cell Death Complex Differentially Regulated by cFLIP Isoforms
Maria Feoktistova, Peter Geserick, Beate Kellert, Diana Panayotova Dimitrova, Claudia Langlais, Mike Hupe, Kelvin Cain, Marion MacFarlane, Georg Häcker, Martin Leverkus

The Ripoptosome, a Signaling Platform that Assembles in Response to Genotoxic Stress and Loss of IAPs
Tencho Tenev, Katiuscia Bianchi, Maurice Darding, Meike Broemer, Claudia Langlais, Fredrik Wallberg, Anna Zachariou, Juanita Lopez, Marion MacFarlane, Kelvin Cain, Pascal Meier


Bcl-2 family proteins
——————————–Transient binding of an activator BH3 domain to the Bak BH3-binding groove initiates Bak oligomerization
Haiming Dai, Alyson Smith, X. Wei Meng, Paula A. Schneider, Yuan-Ping Pang, and Scott H. Kaufmann

BCL2/BCL-XL inhibition induces apoptosis, disrupts cellular calcium homeostasis, and prevents platelet activation
Meike Vogler, Hassan A. Hamali, Xiao-Ming Sun, Edward T. W. Bampton, David Dinsdale, Roger T. Snowden, Martin J. S. Dyer, Alison H. Goodall, and Gerald M. Cohen

Intrinsic Order and Disorder in the Bcl-2 Member Harakiri: Insights into Its Proapoptotic Activity
Susana Barrera-Vilarmau, Patricia Obregón, Eva de Alba

UV irradiation resistance-associated gene suppresses apoptosis by interfering with BAX activation
Xiaocheng Yin, Lizhi Cao, Rui Kang, Minghua Yang, Zhuo Wang, Yanhui Peng, Yanfang Tan, Liying Liu, Min Xie, Yiming Zhao, Kristen M Livesey and Daolin Tang

A cyclin-D1 interaction with BAX underlies its oncogenic role and potential as a therapeutic target in mantle cell lymphoma
Elena Beltran, Vicente Fresquet, Javier Martinez-Useros, Jose A. Richter-Larrea, Ainara Sagardoy, Izaskun Sesma, Luciana L. Almada, Santiago Montes-Moreno, Reiner Siebert, Stefan Gesk, Maria J. Calasanz, Raquel Malumbres, Melissa Rieger, Felipe Prosper, Izidore S. Lossos, Miguel Angel Piris, Martin E. Fernandez-Zapico, and Jose A. Martinez-Climent

A yeast BH3-only protein mediates the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis
Sabrina Büttner, Doris Ruli, F-Nora Vögtle, Lorenzo Galluzzi, Barbara Moitzi, Tobias Eisenberg, Oliver Kepp, Lukas Habernig, Didac Carmona-Gutierrez, Patrick Rockenfeller, Peter Laun, Michael Breitenbach, Chamel Khoury, Kai-Uwe Fröhlich, Gerald Rechberger, Chris Meisinger, Guido Kroemer and Frank Madeo

Death receptors and IAPs

TRADD is critical for resistance to TRAIL-induced cell death through NF-κB activation
Joo-Young Kim, Ju-Yeon Lee, Dong-Gun Kim, Gi-Bang Koo, Je-Wook Yu, You-Sun Kim

Toso regulates the balance between apoptotic and nonapoptotic death receptor signaling by facilitating RIP1 ubiquitination
Xuan-Hung Nguyen, Philipp A. Lang, Karl S. Lang, Dieter Adam, Gulnar Fattakhova, Niko Föger, Mohammad Azhar Kamal, Patricia Prilla, Sabine Mathieu, Christina Wagner, Tak Mak, Andrew C. Chan, and Kyeong-Hee Lee

The acquisition of resistance to TNFα in breast cancer cells is associated with constitutive activation of autophagy as revealed by a transcriptome analysis using a custom microarray
Etienne Moussay, Tony Kaoma, Joanna Baginska, Arnaud Muller, Kris Van Moer, Nathalie Nicot, Petr V. Nazarov, Laurent Vallar, Salem Chouaib, Guy Berchem and Bassam Janji

Molecular determinants of Smac mimetic induced degradation of cIAP1 and cIAP2
M Darding, R Feltham, T Tenev, K Bianchi, C Benetatos, J Silke and P Meier


Caspase-1 promiscuity is counterbalanced by rapid inactivation of the processed enzyme
John G. Walsh, Susan E. Logue, Alexander U. Luthi, and Seamus J. Martin
J. Biol. Chem. published 11 July 2011, 10.1074/jbc.M111.225862

Caspase-2-Mediated Cleavage of Mdm2 Creates a p53-Induced Positive Feedback Loop
T.G. Oliver, E. Meylan, G.P. Chang, W. Xue, J.R. Burke, T.J. Humpton, D. Hubbard, A. Bhutkar, and T. Jacks

Structural determinants of caspase-9 inhibition by the vaccinia virus protein, F1L
Eric Yu, Dayong Zhai, Motti Gerlic, Chaofang Jin, John C. Reed, and Robert Liddington

Inhibition of Protein Degradation Induces Apoptosis through a Microtubule-Associated Protein 1 Light Chain 3-Mediated Activation of Caspase-8 at Intracellular Membranes
Ji-An Pan, Erica Ullman, Zhixun Dou, and Wei-Xing Zong

Caspase activity is not required for the mitotic checkpoint or mitotic slippage in human cells
Kyunghee Lee, Alison E. Kenny, and Conly L. Rieder

miR-23a regulation of X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis (XIAP) contributes to sex differences in the response to cerebral ischemia
Chad Siegel, Jun Li, Fudong Liu, Sharon E. Benashski, and Louise D. McCullough


Resveratrol Induces p53-Independent, XIAP-Mediated Bax Oligomerization on Mitochondria to Initiate Cytochrome c Release and Caspase Activation
Raghu Gogada, Varun Prabhu, Michael Amadori, Rachael Scott, Sana Hashmi, and Dhyan Chandra

Apoptosis-inducing factor is a target gene of C/EBPα and participates in adipocyte differentiation
Shao-Ming Shen, Yun Yu, Zhao-Xia Wu, Ying Zheng, Guo-Qiang Chen, Li-Shun Wang

TLR-2 and TLR-9 are sensors of apoptosis in a mouse model of doxorubicin-induced acute inflammation
D V Krysko, A Kaczmarek, O Krysko, L Heyndrickx, J Woznicki, P Bogaert, A Cauwels, N Takahashi, S Magez, C Bachert and P Vandenabeele


CDD Special Issue: Programmed Cell Death in Plants
Green death: revealing programmed cell death in plants
P V Bozhkov and E Lam

Mitochondria in Apoptosis: Bcl-2 Family Members and Mitochondrial Dynamics
Jean-Claude Martinou, Richard J. Youle

Autophagy and apoptosis: what is the connection?
Jacob M. Gump, Andrew Thorburn

Bcl-2 proteins in diabetes: mitochondrial pathways of β-cell death and dysfunction
Esteban N. Gurzov, Decio L. Eizirik

Utilizing mitochondrial events as biomarkers for imaging apoptosis
N Yivgi-Ohana, M Eifer, Y Addadi, M Neeman and A Gross

News and views

Tonight, the same old, deadly programme: BH3-only proteins, mitochondria and yeast
Bjorn Oettinghaus, Stephan Frank and Luca Scorrano

Does N-terminal Processing of Mcl-1 Occur at Mitochondrial Outer Membrane or Matrix?
Hsin-Fang Yang-Yen
J. Biol. Chem. 2011;286 le15

Response to Yang-Yen: Does N-terminal Processing of Mcl-1 Occur at Mitochondrial Outer Membrane or Matrix?
Matthew R. Warr, Mai Nguyen, and Gordon C. Shore
J. Biol. Chem. 2011;286 le16

Sam68 Guest STARs in TNF-α Signaling
G.T. Kunkel and X. Wang

Mitochondrial regulation of cell death in the Drosophila ovary
Elizabeth A. Tanner and Kim McCall

Evading Death
Wei Wong
Sialylation of Fas may enable colon carcinoma cells to evade apoptosis.

Bak activators get in the groove
Mitch Leslie

Bnip3-mediated defects in oxidative phosphorylation promote mitophagy
Robert L. Thomas, Dieter A. Kubli and Åsa B. Gustafsson