Apolist – February 2011


Bcl-2 family proteins


Oncogenic Ras-Induced Expression of Noxa and Beclin-1 Promotes Autophagic Cell Death and Limits Clonogenic Survival
Mohamed Elgendy, Clare Sheridan, Gabriela Brumatti, and Seamus J. Martin

Bax-derived membrane-active peptides act as potent and direct inducers of apoptosis in cancer cells
Juan Garcia Valero, Lucie Sancey, Jérôme Kucharczak, Yannis Guillemin, Diana Gimenez, Julien Prudent, Germain Gillet, Jesús Salgado, Jean-Luc Coll, and Abdel Aouacheria
J Cell Sci 2011;124 556-564

Bax Activation by Engagement with, Then Release from, the BH3 Binding Site of Bcl-xL
F. Gautier, Y. Guillemin, P. F. Cartron, T. Gallenne, N. Cauquil, T. Le Diguarher, P. Casara, F. M. Vallette, S. Manon, J. A. Hickman, O. Geneste, and P. Juin

The Molecular Basis of Synergism between Carboplatin and ABT-737 Therapy Targeting Ovarian Carcinomas
Harsh Vardhan Jain and Michael Meyer-Hermann

ROS-mediated upregulation of Noxa overcomes chemoresistance in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
S H Tonino, J van Laar, M H van Oers, J Y Wang, E Eldering and A P Kater

Single-point mutations of a lysine residue change function of Bax and Bcl-xL expressed in Bax- and Bak-less mouse embryonic fibroblasts: novel insights into the molecular mechanisms of Bax-induced apoptosis
I Szabò, M Soddemann, L Leanza, M Zoratti and E Gulbins

Downregulation of autophagy by Bcl-2 promotes MCF7 breast cancer cell growth independent of its inhibition of apoptosis
S Oh, Xiaofei E, D Ni, S D Pirooz, J-Y Lee, D Lee, Z Zhao, S Lee, H Lee, B Ku, T Kowalik, S E Martin, B-H Oh, J U Jung and C Liang

Bad contributes to RAF-mediated proliferation and cooperates with B-RAF-V600E in cancer signaling
Lisa Polzien, Angela Baljuls, Marco Albrecht, Mirko Hekman, and Ulf R. Rapp
J. Biol. Chem. published 11 February 2011, 10.1074/jbc.M110.177345

Overexpression of BCL2 enhances survival of human embryonic stem cells during stress and obviates the requirement for serum factors
Reza Ardehali, Matthew A. Inlay, Shah R. Ali, Chad Tang, Micha Drukker, and Irving L. Weissman http://www.pnas.org/content/108/8/3282.abstract?etoc


Caspase-3 cleaves XIAP in a positive feedback loop to sensitize melanoma cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis
M Hörnle, N Peters, B Thayaparasingham, H Vörsmann, H Kashkar and D Kulms

In TNF-stimulated cells, RIPK1 promotes cell survival by stabilizing TRAF2 and cIAP1, which limits induction of non-canonical NF- B and activation of caspase-8
Ian E. Gentle, W. Wei-Lynn Wong, Joseph M. Evans, Alexandra Bankovacki, Wendy D. Cook, Nufail R. Khan, Ulrich Nachbur, James Rickard, Holly Anderton, Maryline Moulin, Josep Maria Lluis, Donia M. Moujalled, John Silke, and David L Vaux

The death domain kinase RIP1 links the immunoregulatory CD40 receptor to apoptotic signaling in carcinomas
Pauline G. Knox, Clare C. Davies, Marina Ioannou, and Aristides G. Eliopoulos

BNip3 is a mediator of TNF-induced necrotic cell death
Jee-Youn Kim, Yong-Jun Kim, Sun Lee & Jae-Hoon Park

Peroxiredoxin 6 interferes with TRAIL-induced death-inducing signaling complex formation by binding to death effector domain caspase
H Choi, J-W Chang and Y-K Jung

Modeling reveals that dynamic regulation of c-FLIP levels determines cell-to-cell distribution of CD95-mediated apoptosis
Hannu T. Toivonen, Annika Meinander, Tomoko Asaoka, Mia Westerlund, Frank Pettersson, Andrey Mikhailov, John E. Eriksson, and Henrik Saxen


Defective Molecular Timer in the Absence of Nucleotides Leads to Inefficient Caspase Activation
Honghao Zhang, Raghu Gogada, Neelu Yadav, Ravi K. Lella, Mark Badeaux, Mary Ayres, Varsha Gandhi, Dean G. Tang, Dhyan Chandra

Defining the core apoptosis pathway in the mosquito disease vector Aedes aegypti: the roles of iap1, ark, dronc, and effector caspases
Qingzhen Liu & Rollie J. Clem

MK-STYX, a catalytically inactive phosphatase regulating mitochondrial dependent apoptosis
Natalie M. Niemi, Nathan J. Lanning, Jeff A. Klomp, Stephen W. Tait,Yong Xu, Karl J. Dykema, Leon O. Murphy, L. Alex Gaither, H. Eric Xu,Kyle A. Furge, Douglas R. Green, and Jeffrey P. MacKeigan

In vivo imaging of early stage apoptosis by measuring real-time caspase-3/7 activation
Matteo Scabini, Fabio Stellari, Paolo Cappella, Sara Rizzitano, Gemma Texido & Enrico Pesenti


The molecular machinery regulating apoptosis signal transduction and its implication in human physiology and pathophysiologies.
Hellwig CT, Passante E, Rehm M.

Structural analyses of death domains and their interactions
Hyun Ho Park


Mitochondrial Fusion: Bax to the Fussure
S.J. Martin

Anti-autophagic Bcl-2: Not just an innocent bystander
Soohwan Oh, Sara Dolatshahi Pirooz, Duojiao Ni, Zhen Zhao and Chengyu Liang

Therapeutic targets in cancer cell metabolism and death
I Iaccarino and L M Martins

The Grand Finale
[review of Doug’s book]
E.H. Baehrecke