Apolist march 2009

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TAK1 activates AMPK-dependent cytoprotective autophagy in TRAIL-treated epithelial cells
Griselda Herrero-Martín, Maria Høyer-Hansen, Celina García-García, Claudia Fumarola, Thomas Farkas, Abelardo López-Rivas and Marja Jäättelä

Intrinsic Tumor Suppression and Epithelial Maintenance by Endocytic Activation of Eiger/TNF Signaling in Drosophila
T. Igaki, J.C. Pastor-Pareja, H. Aonuma, M. Miura, and T. Xu

BH3 / mitochondria

Dynamics of outer mitochondrial membrane permeabilization during apoptosis
M Rehm, H J Huber, C T Hellwig, S Anguissola, H Dussmann & J H M Prehn

Bcl-xL increases mitochondrial fission, fusion, and biomass in neurons
Sarah B. Berman, Ying-bei Chen, Bing Qi, J. Michael McCaffery, Edmund B. Rucker, III, Sandra Goebbels, Klaus-Armin Nave, Beth A. Arnold, Elizabeth A. Jonas, Fernando J. Pineda, and J. Marie Hardwick

Puma indirectly activates Bax to cause apoptosis in the absence of Bid or Bim
A M Jabbour, J E Heraud, C P Daunt, T Kaufmann, J Sandow, L A O’Reilly, B A Callus, A Lopez, A Strasser, D L Vaux & P G Ekert

Role of BNIP3 in TNF-induced cell death — TNF upregulates BNIP3 expression
Saeid Ghavami, Mehdi Eshraghi, Kamran Kadkhoda, Mark M. Mutawe, Subbareddy Maddika, Graham H. Bay, Sebastian Wesselborg, Andrew J. Halayko, Thomas Klonisch, Marek Los

Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Inhibition Induces Translocation of Bmf to Promote Apoptosis in Melanoma
Matthew W. VanBrocklin, Monique Verhaegen, Maria S. Soengas, and Sheri L. Holmen
Cancer Res 2009;69 1985-1994

Mechanism of Bcl-2 and Bcl-XL inhibition of NLRP1 inflammasome: Loop domain-dependent suppression of ATP binding and oligomerization
Benjamin Faustin, Ya Chen, Dayong Zhai, Gaelle Le Negrate, Lydia Lartigue, Arnold Satterthwait, and John C. Reed

Molecular basis for BH3 domain recognition in the BCL-2 protein family:Identification of conserved hot-spot interactions
Gautier Moroy, Elyette Martin, Annick Dejaegere, and Roland H. Stote

Selective roles for antiapoptotic MCL-1 during granulocyte development and macrophage effector function
Desiree A. Steimer, Kelli Boyd, Osamu Takeuchi, Jill K. Fisher, Gerard P. Zambetti, and Joseph T. Opferman
Blood 2009;113 2805-2815

MYC-induced myeloid leukemogenesis is accelerated by all six members of the antiapoptotic BCL family
L J Beverly & H E Varmus

P53 acetylation is crucial for its transcription-independent proapoptotic functions
Hirohito Yamaguchi, Nicholas T. Woods, Landon G. Piluso, Heng-Huan Lee, Jiandong Chen, Kapil N. Bhalla, Alvaro Monteiro, Xuan Liu, Mien-Chie Hung, and Hong-Gang Wang

BH3-only protein Bim more critical than Puma in tyrosine kinase inhibitor–induced apoptosis of human leukemic cells and transduced hematopoietic progenitors carrying oncogenic FLT3
Amanda Nordigården, Maria Kraft, Pernilla Eliasson, Verena Labi, Eric W.-F. Lam, Andreas Villunger, and Jan-Ingvar Jönsson

BCL-2 expression and p38MAPK activity in cells infected with influenza a virus: Impact on virally induced apoptosis and viral replication
Lucia Nencioni, Giovanna De Chiara, Rossella Sgarbanti, Donatella Amatore, Katia Aquilano, Maria E. Marcocci, Annalucia Serafino, Maria Torcia, Federico Cozzolino, Maria R. Ciriolo, Enrico Garaci, and Anna T. Palamara

Assembly of the mitochondrial apoptosis-induced channel, MAC
Sonia Martinez-Caballero, Laurent M. Dejean, Michael S. Kinnally, Kyoung Joon Oh, Carmen A. Mannella, and Kathleen W. Kinnally


Modulation of Caspase-Independent Cell Death Leads to Resensitization of Imatinib Mesylate–Resistant Cells
Vanessa J. Lavallard, Ludivine A. Pradelli, Audrey Paul, Marie Bénéteau, Arnaud Jacquel, Patrick Auberger, and Jean-Ehrland Ricci
Cancer Res 2009;69 3013-3020

Copper-dopamine complex induces mitochondrial autophagy preceding caspase-independent apoptotic cell death
Irmgard Paris, Carolina Perez-Pastene, Eduardo Couve, Pablo Caviedes, Susan LeDoux, and Juan Segura-Aguilar

Death receptors

HIV Induces TRAIL Sensitivity in Hepatocytes
Challagundla K. Babu1, Kanitta Suwansrinon1, Gary D. Bren1, Andrew D. Badley1,2, Stacey A. Rizza

Oxaliplatin enhances TRAIL-induced apoptosis in gastric cancer cells by CBL-regulated death receptor redistribution in lipid rafts
Pages 943-948
Ling Xu, Xiujuan Qu, Ye Zhang, Xuejun Hu, Xianghong Yang, Kezuo Hou, Yuee Teng, Jingdong Zhang, Kiyonao Sada, Yunpeng Liu


S-nitrosylation of XIAP compromises neuronal survival in Parkinson’s disease
Anthony H. K. Tsang, Yun-IL Lee, Han Seok Ko, Joseph M. Savitt, Olga Pletnikova, Juan C. Troncoso, Valina L. Dawson, Ted M. Dawson, and Kenny K. K. Chung

Small Molecule XIAP Inhibitors Enhance TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis and Antitumor Activity in Preclinical Models of Pancreatic Carcinoma
Meike Vogler, Henning Walczak, Dominic Stadel, Tobias L. Haas, Felicitas Genze, Marjana Jovanovic, Umesh Bhanot, Cornelia Hasel, Peter Möller, Jürgen E. Gschwend, Thomas Simmet, Klaus-Michael Debatin, and Simone Fulda
Cancer Res 2009;69 2425-2434

The E3 ubiquitin ligase cIAP1 binds and ubiquitinates caspases-3 and -7 via unique mechanisms at distinct steps in their processing
Young Eun Choi, Michael Butterworth, Srinivas Malladi, Colin S. Duckett, Gerald M. Cohen, and Shawn B. Bratton
J. Biol. Chem. published 3 March 2009, 10.1074/jbc.M807550200

cIAP1, cIAP2, and XIAP Act Cooperatively via Nonredundant Pathways to Regulate Genotoxic Stress–Induced Nuclear Factor- B Activation
Hyung-Seung Jin, Dong-Hee Lee, Dong-Hwan Kim, Ji-Hye Chung, Seul-Ji Lee, and Tae H. Lee
Cancer Res 2009;69 1782-1791


Dynamic expression of epidermal caspase 8 simulates a wound healing response
Pedro Lee1, Dai-Jen Lee1, Carol Chan1, Shih-Wei Chen1, Irene Ch’en2 & Colin Jamora

Self-activation of Caspase-6 in vitro and in vivo: Caspase-6 activation does not induce cell death in HEK293T cells
Pages 592-601
Guy Klaiman, Nathalie Champagne, Andréa C. LeBlanc

Caspase-7 deficiency protects from endotoxin-induced lymphocyte apoptosis and improves survival
Mohamed Lamkanfi, Lilian O. Moreira, Patrudu Makena, Diana C. J. Spierings, Kelli Boyd, Peter J. Murray, Douglas R. Green, and Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti
Blood 2009;113 2742-2745

A Breast Cancer Risk Haplotype in the Caspase-8 Gene
Neil Duncan Shephard, Ryan Abo, Sushila Harkisandas Rigas, Bernd Frank, Wei-Yu Lin, Ian Wallace Brock, Adam Shippen, Sabapathy Prakash Balasubramanian, Malcolm Walter Ronald Reed, Claus Rainer Bartram, Alfons Meindl, Rita Katharina Schmutzler, Christoph Engel, Barbara Burwinkel, Lisa Anne Cannon-Albright, Kristina Allen-Brady, Nicola Jane Camp, and Angela Cox
Cancer Res 2009;69 2724-2728


Visualizing CTL activity for different CD8+ effector T cells supports the idea that lower TCR/epitope avidity may be advantageous for target cell killing
M R Jenkins, N L La Gruta, P C Doherty, J A Trapani, S J Turner & N J Waterhouse

Innate immune recognition of infected apoptotic cells directs TH17 cell differentiation
Miriam Beer Torchinsky, Johan Garaude, Andrea P. Martin and J. Magarian Blander

Mechanisms of pre-apoptotic calreticulin exposure in immunogenic cell death
Theocharis Panaretakis, Oliver Kepp, Ulf Brockmeier, Antoine Tesniere, Ann-Charlotte Bjorklund, Daniel C Chapman, Michael Durchschlag, Nicholas Joza, Gérard Pierron, Peter van Endert, Junying Yuan, Laurence Zitvogel, Frank Madeo, David B Williams and Guido Kroemer


BAX Inhibitor-1 Is a Negative Regulator of the ER Stress Sensor IRE1α
F. Lisbona, D. Rojas-Rivera, P. Thielen, S. Zamorano, D. Todd, F. Martinon, A. Glavic, C. Kress, J.H. Lin, P. Walter, J.C. Reed, L.H. Glimcher, and C. Hetz

Human initiator caspases trigger apoptotic and autophagic phenotypes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Pages 561-571
Patricia Lisa-Santamaría, Aaron M. Neiman, Álvaro Cuesta-Marbán, Faustino Mollinedo, José L. Revuelta, Alberto Jiménez

Vacuolar functions determine the mode of cell death
[in yeast]
Alexandra Schauer, Heide Knauer, Christoph Ruckenstuhl, Heike Fussi, Michael Durchschlag, Ulrike Potocnik, Kai-Uwe Fröhlich


Many reviews on cell death and disease in Apoptosis (the journal)

Ubiquitin-mediated regulation of apoptosis
Meike Broemer, Pascal Meier

Immunology: Cause of death matters
Brigitta Stockinger

Lysosomal involvement in cell death and cancer
Thomas Kirkegaard, Marja Jäättelä

A caspase homolog keeps CED-3 in check
Graham F. Brady, Colin S. Duckett

Intricate Links between ER Stress and Apoptosis
F. Madeo and G. Kroemer

The role of Bcl-2 family member BNIP3 in cell death and disease: NIPping at the heels of cell death
T R Burton & S B Gibson